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any midfielders rising??


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hi all can anyone suggest any mmidfielder rated between 86-89 that will rise?? (ex. from 86 to 88/89, from 87 to 89/90...etc)

all i found are Pablo Hernandez, Ramirez, Fernando and Busquets but i can't buy them all. can anyone suggest any others, preferibly any winger or LM??

thanks in advance and help will be rewarded;)

P.S. can you write the estimate increase that he might get pls thx

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Re: any midfielders rising??

These rating predictions are for the next two changes, with the first of two numbers (89/90) the most likely in my opinion:


Marchisio 89-90-90/91 Caps for Italy and Italian league regular

Ramires 89-90-90/91 Caps for Brazil and Benfica regular

Fernando 89-90/89-90/89 Ever-present at Porto

Busquets 88-90/89-90/89 Barcelona squad player

Denilson 89-89/90-90/89 Good but currently injured

Diaby 88-89/88-89/90 Not so good but regular player and not bad either

Palacios 88-89/88-89/90 Good but plays for Spurs (no euro comp)

Lucas 88-88/89-89 Bad player (and I'm a Liverpool fan) but regular for now


Michel Bastos 89-90/89-90/91 Minor injury atm but first team player for Lyon when fit

Lennon 89-90/89-90/91 Playing well, scoring goals, should be England first choice RW from now on

Valencia 89-90/89-90/89 Self-explanatory

Gentner 88-89/90-90/89 Caps for Germany and Wolfsburg first teamer, positional change to LM/CM or similar

Pablo Hernandez 88-89/90-90/89 Played well when given his chance this season including 2 league goals for Valencia

Marin 89-89/90-89/90 Caps for Germany but Weder aren't doing so well so far this season

Di Maria 88-89/88-89/90 Regular for Benfica who are currently 2nd in league table

Perotti 86-88/89-89/90 Also has 2 league goals, this time for Sevilla while keeping Capel on the bench

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Re: any midfielders rising??

Darren Fletcher 90 - 91/92 Playing amazing recieving heaps of praise

Nani 89 - 90/89 Not the most consistant player but game time for Utd could warrent a rise

Valencia 89 - 90/89 I'm not sure about him but alot of people say he should get the +1

Giggs 92 - 93/92 So what if he's old, he has been playing to 93 standards so why shouldn't he rise.

Palacios 88 - 89/90 Cant remember if already stated but a class act none the less

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