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Phil's player photos - Request here

Phil (GT)

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So, I've been a bit bored lately and therefore started to upload player photos on SM, here's a couple of pics that I've done/uploaded recently:


- - Leonel Messi - - - - Lewis Holtby - - Youssef Mohamad - - - Arda Turan - - - - Boris Vukcevic - -

I've done many more (especially of Bundesliga players), this is just a small random selection.

So, if you have a player that has no photo currently, or only a bad one (wrong proportions, 'alien head', non-white background), request one here.

If possible, also provide a pic from the player, preferably from the club's official homepage. This is to verify I'm having the correct player.

Please Note: I'm not going to re-do player photos which are already perfectly fine, such things as a new haircut, a new kit etc. are no reason to upload a new pic.

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