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Riser and FC Schalke starter-Christoph MORITZ


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Christoph MORITZ

Christoph is a defensive midfielder aged 19 and currently playing for FC Schalke in German division 1. Christoph has started 7 games for schalke and has a goal. Christoph is rated 75 on soccermanager, because he is rated so low and starts every game he will be in for a big rise. The midfielders for schalke are rated around 88/87/89 so if Christoph continues to play first team in 2 or more seasons he could be rated similar.

Current rating: 75

Predicted rating: 82/81

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Re: Riser and FC Schalke starter-Christoph MORITZ


Pat by the looks of it you have been here long enough to understand the use of the search facility.

We appreciate the effort your putting into scouting recently' date=' but remember to search[/quote']

Yeah your right but that was a while ago people may not have seen it and now more people will know about him

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