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Bordeaux rises?

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I have been offered Bordeaux in GC18. For an older GC the roster is largely intact, still have Gourcuff and Diarra, and most of the defenders. The only major player missing is Chamakh.


As they are defending champs and at the top of the league again, I am wondering how much their regulars are expected to rise. I don't see any French league games here in the US so I'm a bit ignorant on what to expect.

I have won the last two Russian titles with my Spartak Moscow team where I have a lot of good young players and I'm torn on whether or not to switch. I really want to try the French league. Thanks in advance :D

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Re: Bordeaux rises?

Here are the higher rated players on the GC18 Bordeaux. I would need a GK, another AM, and a FW, but otherwise a good GC squad:

RAME, Ulrich Gk 37 89


VELARDE, Efraín LBLB 23 87


CHALME, Matthieu RB 28 89

DIAWARA, Souleymane CB 30 89

PLANUS, Marc CB 27 89

KRUISWIJK, Arnold CB 24 87

HENRIQUE, Carlos CB 26 87

WENDEL, Geraldo LM/CM 27 90

ALONSO, Alejandro RM/AM 27 88

DIARRA, Alou DM/CM 28 91

FERNANDO, Menegazzo CM/DM 28 89

HUGGEL, Benjamin CM/DM 32 88

DUCASSE, Pierre CM/DM 22 84

GOURCUFF, Yoann AM/CM 23 90

GERVINHO, Yao Kouassi Wing/Fwd 22 88

GOUFFRAN, Yoan Wing/Fwd 23 88

JUSSIE, Ferreira Wing/Fwd 26 88

OBERTAN, Gabriel Fwd/Wing 20 86

CAVENAGHI, Fernando CF 26 90

MBOKANI , Dieumerci CF 23 89

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Re: Bordeaux rises?

I would recommend you offloading Ulrich Rame as he has only made two limited appearences this season, due to Cédric Carrasso being first choice goal keeper. Jurietti rating should also fall.

On the other hand you have Yoann Gourcuff who is an excellent player, he should get a rise to 91/92 and has the potential to go even further. Pierre Ducasse should also recieving a slight ratings boost +1 as he is lodging regular minutes at Lorient.

You have plenty of good young players which you should try to keep hold of in Chalme, Gourffan, Mbokani and Gervinho.

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