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england v ukraine

Guest seck

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Ukraine v England World Cup qualifier to be broadcast on internet

Football fans must pay to watch streaming online or in Odeon cinemas, as game is not available on TV or in pubs

England's World Cup qualifier on Saturday will be the country's first competitive match screened exclusively on the internet.

England's match in Ukraine will be broadcast exclusively live over the internet for the first time at ukrainevengland.com for £4.99, if users sign up early.

The media group Perform will stream the match on a pay-per-view basis after the collapse of the pay-TV platform Setanta earlier this year. The company failed to agree rights offers with traditional broadcasters such as BBC, ITV and Five.

Setanta had originally bought the rights to all England's group games, but after the Irish broadcaster collapsed they reverted to international agency Kentaro. After weeks of talks Kentaro has finally decided on the live pay-per-view internet option by the media group Perform. Perform, a digital sports specialist, streams more than 15,000 events a year, attracting millions of site users a month.

Until Wednesday 7 October the cost of watching the game will be £4.99 for a live pass. From Thursday the charge rises to £9.99, going up to £11.99 on Saturday. Throughout the country the game can be watched live at the Odeon cinema chain, but the match will not be available in pubs. The game kicks off at 5.15pm, but coverage on the internet starts at 4.45pm.

The news has angered supporters who want to watch the action on television. England have already qualified for the 2010 World Cup, winning all eight of their group matches.

To be able to follow my team they expect you:

pay for a tv license

pay for sky and sky sports

pay for espn

and now they are making you pay £4.99-£12 to watch one game on a computer.

Football is the most popular sport in the country and its an England game. I dont think its asking too mush for it to be on tv.

Sort it out.



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Re: england v ukraine

but i cant take my laptop up the pub :( and all my mates cant crowd around a computer screen and watch it i had plans for a pub day that day to watch the football but now i mite go to work instead :mad:

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Re: england v ukraine

Pay for this one & you end up paying & Paying & ........

Nobody pay & they wont ever ask again(commercial decision) they will just make a whacking great loss. Use the power.....


There's always someone daft enough, rich enough, though, so boycott the turnstiles as well & anything to do with England for a month, grind the profiteers into dust........ apart from that I'm neutral on the question.

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