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Help with my Shakhtar Donetsk team


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Re: Help with my Shakhtar Donetsk team

This is my first team squad:


Here is the formation i normally play:


I've won 1 and lost 2 of my first three games this season' date=' the 2 games i lost were against 89 rated teams where mine is 91 rated.

Can anyone recommend a formation/tactics they'd use with this squad?[/quote']

try a 3-5-2

works wonders and try with hard tackling,attacking mentally,mixed ,mixed,fast and all over hope i could help

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Re: Help with my Shakhtar Donetsk team

Play this (4-2-3-1)


Srna- Garay- Perea- Taiwo

Muntari- Gattuso

Galetti- Totti- Petrov


play attacking' date=' normal tackling, fast tempo, short passing.

also have man-marking, target man (bobo)[/quote']

Thanks, i had actually just changed it to this, due to Muntari being left footed. I'll try taking out Adriano for Bobo as well.


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