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Heyy Just joined Sm and the forum

James Gordon

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Re: Heyy Just joined Sm and the forum

Heyy I am James Gordon just joined Sm and the forum.

Hello James

Your new to the forum and the game ?

Well your going to get a head start on other new members who arent signed up to the forum' date=' there are plenty of threads to help you out. First though, check out the forum FAQ + Rules

Just a tip always use the search tool before creating threads etc , as there might already be one on the topic of your choice.

As your new these threads could help you out a little :)

Guide to success - not guarenteed but a start ;)

Guide to be succesful in the transfer market

Help with deals thread

Should i buy, keep or sell this player thread

Any questions feel free to ask me, or anyone else for that matter

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Re: Heyy Just joined Sm and the forum

Hello' date=' I have used SM for about 2 years but haven't used the forum. Looking forward to a good experience in this forum and please be kind I am a noob. anyways thanks for having this forum!!! [/i']

everyone here is kind,it is only when you are agueing with others than you would recieve some Not so polite replys,But anyway,It is good to have more people in the forum,Btw Welcome guys. :D

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