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Liviu Ganea (Romanian Striker)


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Disclaimer: I do not watch Romanian football each week all can do is see regular highlights and clips or players that catch my eye and see stats for the player and the team and articles found on the internet.

Liviu Ganea



Current club - Astra Ploieşti

On Loan from - Dinamo Bucureşti

Height -1.77 m (5 ft 9+1⁄2 in)

Playing position- Striker


2004-2008 Dinamo Bucureşti 45 Games 10 Goals

2008-2009 → CS Otopeni (loan) 25 Games (7) Goals

2009 → FC Astra Ploieşti (loan) 8 games 4 goals

My View + More Info:

So far for Ploiesti he has scored (from 18th October) and is the current leading top scorer for his team :), they have bought a new striker but it seems he partners Genea who seems to be first choice, with being currently on Loan with the way Dinamo Bucureşti are playing (Poor in terms of goals scored the top scorers are a few players with 2) he will probably get brought back, and with his form he may flurish with Dinamo Bucureşti and become a first team player.

From (transfermarkt) his Under 21 caps aint bad either, 2008/9 2 games 1 Assist and 2009/10 1 games 1 goal (Playing the full 90 Minutes) although that games was the 28th of March 2009 which im not sure means he hasn't played in the last 5 games for Under 21's but is still top scorer with 1 goal along the fantastic talent of Constantin Mihai Gangioveanu

So far he is 6th leading top scorer in Liga 1 with the top player scoring 6 goals so only 2 less than Ganea.


He is on Loan and is only there to get experiance, but at the moment he seems better than Dinamo have as there main strikers so i would expect him to be recalled or maybe given to end of the season then next year with Dinamo pushing for 1st team place which i think he could get.

I feel he has great potential and with a possible recall to Dinamo he could get a big rise at the moment he is at 80 i reckon if he keeps this up in the scoring terms he should match his striker-partner at 83 or maybe go beyond him which i think he can do.


(Only clip i can find his scoring at Ploieşti and its a scrappy goal as well :( )


http://www.gsp.ro/tag/liviu-ganea-10974.html (A few news articles with video interviews /have to be full member :( / so i cant read any of it.)

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Re: Liviu Ganea (Romanian Striker)



Thought i would update him, he has been pushed out on loan and this year its Astra Ploieşti, where he is joint 5th in the charts for Leading Top Scorer in Romanian League, This season he is one goal away for equaling last year stats but in with 15 games to spare so hopefully in those he will score more and atleast suppass last years stats :D

Seems he has become a regular striker for Under 21's as played 7 QA games scoring twice. Niculescu is now 33 i would think they would need a new striker to fill in for him as this season he has only got 3 goals thus far i wouldn't be supprised if Dinamo Bukarest would NOT farm him out and incorperate him with the 1st team, he is a great little player reminds me alot of Mutu

Seems i did'nt read ahead lol, just found so Romanian articles stating the player was on a verbal agreement to stay at his loan club but Dinamo are stalling and may bring then back, his loan team are already looking for his replacement upfront.

Returning players Georgian Paun Eugen Christmas and Liviu Ganea from Dinamo is made at a rate of 99%.

Dynamo Astra notified of the return, since November, and if players want, then on January 11 will present to bring together "dogs" and not the first training Astra!

Following this "business" fails Astra ex dinamovist player, because his Miranda II loan expired anyway, but come in for 50% of a future transfer of players Paun and Christmas, which had contracts for a period of 5 years with the group Ploiesti. Paun, Christmas and Ganea have verbally agreed to return to Dynamo, so are unlikely to be changed something about their being forced to look Astra replacement.

Seems he is enjoying his football and wants to stay at his loan club

Liviu Ganea, Prahova golgeterul team and one of the best tracers of the league, with 6 successful, wants to remain in the Astra, write Prosport.

At least, that support the general manager of Astra, Marcel Janco said that: "Liviu Ganea came crying in the dressing room to say he wanted to stay here." Astra plans to use to match Tuesday against Dinamo, the three able-bodied football (Christmas is suspended), transferred from Stefan cel Mare, near Ganea, Miranda and peacocks and they are in the same situation.


A good little player and given the right team he will become a massive player in Romania but at the moment with his future not tied up as he may stay on loan or come back to Dinamo and be stuck on the bench which could harm his morale :(, hoepfully the sort it out for his interest, i would hope they wait till end of season to bring him back :)


Scoring the 2nd goal (Scoring a low,well drilled effort from quite a distance)


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Re: Liviu Ganea (Romanian Striker)

Sorry to dissapoint you mate but this player is flop.Ionita is much better than him.If he will score in the next five seasons more than 7-8 goals/season i will eat my hat ;)

He is joint 5th Leading scorer for a team doing not that great that seems like he is doing well to me, if he way a flop wouldn't he have scored 0 or 1 goals! that would be considered a flop??

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Re: Liviu Ganea (Romanian Striker)

He is joint 5th Leading scorer for a team doing not that great that seems like he is doing well to me' date=' if he way a flop wouldn't he have scored 0 or 1 goals! that would be considered a flop??[/quote']

Okay, tell me then who do you know from this list of best goal scorers from Romanian league 1 from last 15 years:

1995-1996 Ion Vladoiu 25 goals

96-97 Sabin Ilie 31

97-98 Constantin Barbu, Ilie Oana 21

98-99 Ioan Ganea 28

99-00 Marian Savu 20

00-01 Marius Constantin Niculae 20

01-02 Catalin Cursaru 17

02-03 Claudiu Raducanu 21

03-04 Ionel Danciulescu 21

04-05 Gheorghe Bucur, Claudiu Niculescu 21

05-06 Ionut Mazilu 22

06-07 Claudiu Niculescu 18

07-08 Ionel Danciulescu 21

08-09 Gheorghe Bucur, Florin Costea 17

Any star shinning?

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Re: Liviu Ganea (Romanian Striker)



This guy has been on fire he has jumped all the way to 2nd Top Scorer with 9 goals in Liga 1. (but a website i read stated he has scored 10 in 16 games :confused:)

He seems to be enjoying the Loan situation more and more, with this being his best productive season in football (2 more goals than last campaign) Seems he has been messed around by Dinamo i think he wanted to leave in last window but didnt but ive read FC Timisoara Manger has stated they are in talks with Dinamo and are very confident he will join them. At the moment it seems he is just been played around by clubs being sent out on Loan and not able to path his Future, hopefully it will be sorted soon.


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Re: Liviu Ganea (Romanian Striker)

He's scored 10 goals in Liga 1 so far this season. Timisoara tried to buy him, but Dinamos chairman didn't want to sell him, so probably he will return in the summer (if Marius Niculae will be sold, then Liviu Ganea might even get a place in the first XI)

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