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New AM-Dzagoev or pjanic?

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Hi all. i am rebuilding an old leeds united side i have found among the older leagues, and hav come across one that i can really get my teeth into. they hav a number of good players, but a lot of them are aging and so i am investing in good youngsters and so am looking at the long term future of the club. i desperately need a new AM, and have a choice of 2. Alex Dzagoev of CSKA Moscow, and miralem Pjanic of lyon. both are 19, Dzagoev is rated 88 to Pjanic's 87 but i know both are hot prospects. Dzagoev will cost me 11.2 mill to Pjanic's 7.8 mill. i dont mind spending the money for the right player, but im not sure which is my best option. Or is there a better one i dont know about? any help guys????

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Re: New AM-Dzagoev or pjanic?

id get Pjanic for now' date=' hes gona rise to 89 in the next 2 weeks pal, hes the quicker riser for sure.;):)[/quote']

Exactly. With the way he's been playing recently, especially in the Champions League, at 19, you can't go wrong with him. Plus he's at a better club and is just as likely to be wanted by the big teams.

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