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LUIS SUAREZ - official petition!

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I've read a lot of people talk about their amazement at how Luis Suarez of Ajax has not had a rating increase from 90 to at least 91, if not 92.

So please sign below if you think SM should reassess his rating, or give an official reason as to why he is only rated 90.

He has an unbelievable scoring record at Ajax, is their club captain, a regular goalscorer for his NT, who may well be in the WC2010.

There is an outside chance that the Ajax ratings haven't been completed, in which case I apologise for this thread!

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Re: LUIS SUAREZ - official petition!

Personally' date=' I think two things go against Suarez' case for a rise:

Firstly, it seems to me that the Dutch league is no longer such a force in Europe when you compare it to other leagues. It is certainly no match for the three heavyweights of England, Spain and Italy, and it ranks below France, Germany and Portugal as well, in my opinion. Even the Turkish and Ukranian leagues seem to be on at least an even keep with Holland right now, and SM has shown this by downgrading the last 90+ player back to 90 (van Bronckhorst). It is quite evident to me that, just by going on Dutch sides performances in the UCL, that the elite Dutch sides are struggling to keep up with other European outfits. Correct me if I am wrong, but the last Dutch team to get out of the UCL group stages was PSV Eindhoven in 2006/07 season, where they lost to Liverpool in the Quarter-Finals. Since then, Dutch teams have struggled in Europe, particularly the UCL, thus, allowing SM to downgrade Holland's standard of league.

Secondly, and perhaps even more obvious that the first reason, is the fact that Ajax were absolutely pap last season, at least in comparison to how they usually do. Luis Suarez can bang in as many goals as he likes, but Ajax were outclassed over the course of the season by, not only the champions, AZ Alkmaar, but FC Twente also. If Ajax had won the league, then perhaps SM would have been more generous to Suarez and rewarded him with a rise to 91 (taking into account personal and team accolades/performances). But they didn't and, to me, 90 seems quite right for him.[/quote']

Case closed. B)

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Re: LUIS SUAREZ - official petition!

Klass Jan Huntelaar was a 92 with Ajax so don't tell me he has to move to a bigger club because if that's the case SM doesn't have consistency.

I say 91/92. It is absurd to keep him at 90.

as you said, he was a 92, but that was from at least ago based on performances at least 2 seasons back. And that was when ajax were champions, correct me if i'm not wrong.

in fact, the downgrading of the dutch league actually began in the previous rating changes 6-8 months back, when the 90+ players faced the drop. And that was when huntelaar was already in real.

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