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A bit of fun - who are the best managers?

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Re: A bit of fun - who are the best managers?


Colin Barker Ave Pts 1.95

Top 3 Teams

IFK Göteborg GC5 -Played 280- Points 655- Ave Pts 2.34

Colo Colo GC12 -Played 196- Points 455- Ave Pts 2.32

Darlington GC20 -Played 130- Points 269 -Ave Pts 2.07


Colin Barker G2 - Ave Pts 2.05

Top 3 Teams

Rangers GC3-Played 214- Points 575-Ave Pts-2.69

Bury GC23 -Played 124 - Points 255- Ave Pts 2.06

St. Johnstone GC 14- Played 174- Points 328- Ave Pts 1.89

Only included teams with over 100 games

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Re: A bit of fun - who are the best managers?

For Some Reason I Can't Get Onto Page Two Of This Thread..

Account Average 2.32 [GA 1]

Account Includes A Mixture of Teams So Some Smaller Teams Take Down My Average.. Same For Most I Reckon, Also Noticed On My Own And Others That There's A Few Teams That People Had For Only a Handfull of Games With Very Low Avg Which Would Also Take Affect.

Barcelona Gold Championship 12 2.86

Celtic Gold Championship 9 2.82

Celtic Scottish Championship 1 3.05

Drogheda United Irish Championship 1 2.99

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