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Robert Enke + Brede Hangaland = Lass Diarra


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Its last game of the season, I play 4-4-2 at present and want to play 3-5-2 next season, problem is I have no DM at present.

The guy with Lass seems interested in the above offer but I just want to check some peoples views first.

Due to the plan of moving to 3 at the back i can possibly afford to lose a defender,

I have

Given 91 GK

Enke 91 GK

Delac 83 GK

Chorluka 91 RB/CB

Beck 90 RB

Castro 88 RB/DM

Hangeland 89 CB

Thiago Silva 89 CB

Aly cissokho 86 LB

Vermalen 88 CB/LB


Elias CM/DM

Willians CM/DM

As you can see i have little in terms of DM, in fact elias and Willians were more money makers and i was gunna sell when TB up.

I have Just got my 3rd successive promotion to the first division so I do need quality rather than quantity now....

My worry also is that I may lose Given Through injury, I know this can happen now but i havnt lost any GK's as yet in any of my sides, touch wood!!

Any Views????

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