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The Engine Problem


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I'm usually not complaining and I know that it's just a game. I have been playing Soccermanager for 1.5 years and generally like the game a lot. The problem I have, is with the unfairness of the match engine.

Let me say this before you jump me though, I realize that you can't win every game and that especially in cup games upsets are more likely. I get that. Just check out what happened to me tonight!

I am VFB Stuttgart (1st in division 1 after 31 games), I played with an average of 94 and nobody was under 90% fitness, formation 4-4-2 standard (every player in the right spot), no boxes ticked. My opponent in this World Champ Shield Final was AS Monaco (14th in division 4), unmanaged and with an average of 86 and about the same fitness as my team.

I lost 2:1. In case you dont want to check out the links, Shots 22(me): 6 (them), Shots on goal 15 (me): 6 (them). 10 to 7 corners for me too. Playing for me were for example: Ibrahimovic, Forlan, Lampard, Pirlo, Lahm, Sergio Ramos, Lucio, Pepe, Buffon....

Upsets are OK, but just imagine in reality that for example Barcelona (or Chelsea, ManU or another top-team) loses a cup finale against a lower division team. Upsets might happen earlier in a cup tournament, but I would say that in Finales the better team usually wins. The best players shine in the most important games. I think that the engine is extremely unreliable in regards to this.

This is hard to deal with. A season takes a few months, winning titles/cups is hard and rare enough. This shouldn't happen! This wasn't the first upset I suffered, there were many....but this is the worst I think.

I couldnt upload my jpgs, gifs or whatever...everything was too big. Thats why Im posting those links: They show the game stats as well as my unmanaged opponent's last fixture.

Check it out!




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