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-|EC 4838|-|Arsenal Activities Reports|-

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Re: -|EC 4838|-|Arsenal Activities Reports|-


Arsene Wenger Sacked As Shahir Arrived

Arsenal has sacked Arsene Wenger as their manager after The Gunners just finished 4th place last season.

The Chairman has make a decisions to replace him with a new manager who can lead The Gunners to win the tittle.

Arsenal's Chairman today announced Shahir to become a new manager at Stadium Emirates.The former Madrid striker said that he was the lucky guy ever to get a job.

“I think he is the right man to get this job.He has won 2 tittle with Chelsea and 3 with Manchester United and he is still young.I love how young person doing his jobs.”Arsenal's Chairman thinks about Shahir.

“ I hope I can brings this club to the top of the tables and my goals this season is to rebuild this team.Wenger is a good manager and a legend for Arsenal but I think I will make a few changes.”Shahir told the press.


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Re: -|EC 4838|-|Arsenal Activities Reports|-


Arsenal Completed Xabi Alonso Signing.

News is just coming from Arsenal's training camp that they have completed an outstanding offer for Spanish International Xabi Alonso. The 27 year-old is thought to be unhappy at Madrid club after Pallegrini never put him at the position that he want.Xabi is set to join early tomorrow morning and around 60,000 Arsenal fans are expected to turn up to the Stadium Emirates to welcome the Spanish midfielder.Xabi had this to say on Arsenal's interest in him.

"I am very pleased that Arsenal is coming to take me away from Madrid,You all must know how my feeling playing for such a big club like Madrid but they never respected me. I have had a great time with them and I know Madrid can still success without me."


Xabi Alonso = 5.5 Million + Samir Nasri


First Shahir's Signing This Seasons

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Re: -|EC 4838|-|Arsenal Activities Reports|-


Ibrahimovic The Latest Arsenal Imports.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic completed his move from Barcelona to Arsenal for 15 Million pound plus Walcott and Eduardo.

Shahir said the signing was really burst to the club and a really good news to all the supporters.

Ibrahimovic will be the only strikers for Arsenal.Shahir will be using 4 – 5 – 1 defensive for their tactics.

“Ibra will not played our first games until turn 3 because I want him to see how our playing style. As long Ibrahimovic will not playing,I will give a chance to Bendtner to plays.I hope he can pay me back with a goal after I have given him a chance to play.”Shahir told the press.

“No way. I don’t want to stay at Barcelona.They are good but La Liga isn’t good as Premier League. Play against Fabregas is the best things you get.

I cant wait to score goals for Arsenal and win golden boots this season and cant wait to fight against Rooney,Torres,Drogba and many more.England has many good striker and I hope I’m one of the best..If you all ask why I moved he? And my answer is because of Shahir. He is a good manager and always win with his team and I want to be like him one day after I retired as my football careers.”Ibrahimovic being interviewed.


Zlatan Ibrahimovic Arrived At Arsenal This Morning For 15 Million Plus Walcott And Eduardo.

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Re: -|EC 4838|-|Arsenal Activities Reports|-


Arsenal 2 - 0 Fulham

Arsenal has won their first match under Shahir against Fulham.

The new signing,Xabi Alonso make his debut and scored his first goal for Arsenal.

Everyone know that Arsenal will win the match and Fulham is not a good team.

Xabi Alonso Shows His Magic.

Xabi Alonso scores his first goal for Arsenal after moving from Real Madrid from wonderful shots outside the penalty box to give Arsenal ahead at 24 minutes.

Xabi again almost scored his second goal at 50 Minutes from a wonderful free kicks but just hit the cross bar.Bendtner pays Shahir's belived after giving Arsenal seconds goal 4 minutes before the full time.


Xabi Scores His First Goal For Arsenal


Bendtner Headers Gives Arsenal Second Goals

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Re: -|EC 4838|-|Arsenal Activities Reports|-


Gourcuff Wearing Arsenal Shirts

Arsenal’s fans shock after news of Gourcuff signing flies over the city.

Gourcuff or labeled as the “New Kaka” has completed his moved to Emirates Stadium for 5.5 Million plus Rosicky and Silvestre.

Gourcuff, 23 had this say after sign 4 years contract with The Gunners,”Arsenal is better than Bourdeaux and everyone knows it.I know it is hard to get first team in Arsenal after Shahir has sign Xabi Alonso.They already have wonderful midfielder like Fabregas and Arshavin but Shahir has promise to me that I will be in his first team and also he promise to buy Chamakh after I said I will only go if Chamakh go.He ( Chamakh) is like my brother.”

Gourcuff will earning 30,000 pound per week and received 3,000 pound if he scores each goals.

“ I think he will do better at Arsenal.He is still young and have a good future if he join us as everybody knows that Arsenal is a right place for youngster to play.Look at Fabregas now,He plays for Spain at age 22 and I know Gourcuff also can do like him.”Shahir told the press.

Fabregas got his say for Gourcuff.”Comes here if you want your career football becomes more shining and you get a very bright future.”The new Kaka” or “The New Ronaldinho” whatever they call you,trust me you better than both.Join us.”

Small News:

Arsenal cant buy Lloris after Blackburn bid has been accepted.Shahir was really sad to hear that news but he still can buy Akinfeev if Almunia doesn’t fulfill his wish to win the tittle this seasons.But it will be hard because Chelsea,Man Utd and Manchester city also

looking to sign Akinfeev.

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