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Player rating help


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Re: Player rating help

Why should he rise' date=' Atletico isn't doing too welll as of now and Forlan hasn't had his best start this season. He has a higher chance of dropping than rise, but he will stay.

anyway, everyone will stay;)[/b']

Thanks xpratx and pazzano, pazzano i would rep but apparently i need to spread so i will come back later :P

Do you happen to know any high rated players who might rise?? :P cheers

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Re: Player rating help

Cissokho 86--->89

Andre Santos 86--->89

Insua 83--->86

Ciani 88--->89

Bocchetti 88--->89

Glen Johnson 89--->91

Thiago Silva 89--->90

Vermaelen 88--->90

Marchisio 89--->90/89

Ramires 89--->91

Fransisco Fernando 89--->90

D'Agostino 89--->90

Bastos 89--->90

Pjanic 87--->89

Pablo Hernandez 88--->90

Falcao 89--->90/91

Gignac 89--->90

Pazzini 89--->90

Chamakh 89--->90

Brandao 89--->89/90

Gomis 89--->89/90

Hulk 88--->90

Jovetic 88--->89/90

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