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Serie A - Analysis and Ratings


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Guest Villa888

Re: Respuesta: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings

thanks again Villa888 your answers help me a lot..... sorry Jonaldinho22 your rigth for the correct topic for Rise or drop isn`t here :o

and continue whith the Analisis what do you think of Walter Gargano of Napoli??

Well, I'm a Napoli fan so I honestly think he's a world class player. He's been a huge factor outside of Cavani and Hamsik for having Napoli in 4th and did amazing against Liverpool today. He'll easily keep his rating if not rise 1.

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Re: Serie A - Analysis and Ratings

Just wondering about Alessio Cerci at Fiorentina. I know he's playing' date=' so will get a rise, but how is he performing?[/quote']

I havent seen him more than once this year, so I dont really know exactly how well he is doing ATM. I just wanted to tell u that I read that he could get a +2 next time.

Not really an in-depth-analysis, u might just want to ignore my post but I just wanted to help :o

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