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[English Championship 4977] II JacK Ru x [Beginning of an Era]

II JacK Ru x

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English Championship 4977 will be made today (22nd of December) at 18:00.

I am both new to the forum and Soccer Manager but after browsing through some of the posts over the last hour or two ive been inspired to join a new set-up and record all of the goings on at that club.

Ive picked the set-up but im undecided on the club im going to go for a mid table team like Villa, Spurs, Everton and maybe Man City

The plan is to get a young squad capable of challenging for the league title in 2 or 3 seasons. Im aiming to get a squad of youth who will rise in the near future and some future prospects.

I already have a few players in my head who id like in my team but if there is any suggestions on what players i should get or what team to manage feel free to post them here .


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