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Is this deal worth it?

Federico Macheda

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Re: Is this deal worth it?

No way would I do this deal. Depends what set-up you're in I suppose, but since top LBs are hard to find most teams are prepared to give away much better players than BUSQUETS for LAHM (regardless of him being RB/LB). The only improvement you can get on LAHM is CLICHY, EVRA and COLE with LB as their primary position, and CHIELLINI as long as he keeps LB as his secondary position. Not even ABIDAL, CHIVU and ZAMBROTTA are comparable to LAHM as they are all significantly older. In BUSQUET'S position, however, there are at least 30 other players on the database that you could get instead.

If, on the other hand, you have or can get a replacement as KangarooJack says and you haven't got any good CM/DMs for your first-team and you can't get any good CM/DMs for your first-team and other riser CM/DMs such as Lass DIARRA, FELIPE MELO, MARCHISIO and RAMIRES aren't available, only then would I consider doing the deal.

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