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*!transfer helped needed!*


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first of all my shortlist:

ryan shawcross £5.1m

gary cahill £7.4m

who should i go for and what will they rise by

angel di maria £11m

no questions asked

gabriel agbonlahor £11.5m

david n'gog £4.5m

ryan babel £12.5m

how much will thes raise by

and now who to sell out of my youth team my first has noone to sell apart from possibly CODA what do you guys think:

KRYSIAK, Artur Gk 20 78

RAITALA, Jukka LB-CB 21 82

MASSEY, Dane LB-LM 20 74

HODSON, Lee RB-CB 18 72

UDOH, Kingsley CB 18 78

MUNIESA, Marc CB-LB 17 75

WAKASO, Mubarak LM-AM 19 75

ONICAS, Mihai DM 19 78

WISS, Alain CM 19 80

ALLEN, Joe CM 19 80

LAW, Nicky CM-RM 21 76

SVEZHOV, Viktor CM 18 75


PAULO HENRIQUE, Chagas AM-Wing 20 85

ALUKO, Sone Wing/Fwd 20 84

WRIGHT, Nick Wing 21 65

OROZCO, Norvey Fwd 18 76

MUNIAIN, Iker AM-Fwd/AM 16 75

HINES, Zavon Fwd 20 74

MACHEDA, Federico CF 18 80

WICKHAM, Connor CF 16 74

UMUNEGBU, Kingsley CF 20 72

thanks in advance rep WILL be awarded for any helpful help lol

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Re: *!transfer helped needed!*

Between Shawcross and Cahill I'd go for Shawcross, I just think he slightly edges it.

Ngog and Agbonlahor you should get but not Babel.

As for your youth, sell Udoh, he is clubless and won't rise and Wright, 21 and 65, playing for a non league side.

Ratings as follows

Shawcross 86 - 88/7

Cahill 87 - 88/7

Di maria 88 - 89/90

Agbonlahor 89 - 90

Ngog 84 - 86/5

Babel 89 - 89

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Re: *!transfer helped needed!*

Im a Bolton fan, and i'd even say Shawcross.

Currently him and Faye have a very good partnership, along with their keeper, Sorenson.

Although Cahill has a better rating, i expect them to be equal after the changes, Bolton look poorer than Stoke this season.

They both have good England futures, but nowadays Shawcross is getting better and better and i would love Bolton to sign him. Man Utd and Liverpool are after Shawcross, who is an ex-Man Utd trainee, and Man Ud have reported to offer 12m.

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