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World Championships 2700, 4687 & 7437.

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I never pick good teams to start with in soccer manager, i always pick a d3/d4 team and work way up, much more fun.

These are the 3 Leagues that i compete in, and to be quite frank need some competition, because as it stands in the near future im going to have Deportivo, Mallorca & Internacional winning D1 championships with easeeee.

Id just like to post squad lists for my 3 clubs for some feedback and would LOVE people to join any of the leagues to spice it up a bit :).

World Championship 2700; Deportivo La Courna.

Took over as manager near beginning of season 2, Deportivo were in the lower half of the Division 4 table at the time. Also forced to resign due to lack of activity throughout a lenghty period in Season 3,

Main Squad; Bank Funds; 71.2M.


-cbf posting youth squads, its huge.

Currently Second place in Divison 3, midway through the 4th season of the league.

[during resignment due to lack of activity, players DZEKO & LLORIS were stolen from the club :( ]

World Championship 4687; Mallorca.

Appointed as Mallorca manager from the creation of game world (division 3), however being forcefully resigned for a few months due to inactivity, now back at the club.

Main Squad; Bank Funds; 17.0M.


- Offer for "CHYGRYNSKIY, Dmytro" Accepted, will be completed shortly.

Currently 4th in D2, 5 games into the thrid season.

World Championship 7437; Internacional.

Appointed as Internacional from the creation of the game world in Division 4 (15 days ago approx)

Main Squad; Bank Funds; 13.4m.


-Offer for "Adem LJAJIC" Accepted, will be completed shortly.

Currently 4th in D3, & Unbeaten, had a slip-up 3-3 draw first game.

Anyway id appreciate players joining these game worlds, its so hard to find loyal managers for teams that arnt in d1, and would love some competition.. :)

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