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SM Support help please


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Re: SM Support help please

Sorry to hijack your thread, but I too have had more than a few transfer bids blocked. It's very disconcerting when you spend so much time arranging a transfer and succeeding in getting a good deal, then the SMFA blocks it. And it's not like they're ridiculous bids, so far they've blocked:

Bruno Alves for two 23/24 y/o 84 rated players and cash for a 25 million total value.

25 million cash + one 20+ y/0 84 rated player for Arshavin.

16 million cash + Glen Johnson for Kolo Toure.

Stuff like that. No explanation whatsoever, just a "The deal involving X and Y regarding PLAYERNAME has collapsed as the SMFA has blocked the deal.", are they being blocked because they are lopsided (I don't think they are) or is the SMFA just a pain in the ***? Because a transfer of 12 million cash + one 23 y/o 83 rated player for Albelda was completed without a hitch?!?!

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Re: SM Support help please

What was the blocked transfer and what reason did SM give you? See if we can help you.

I read on here that Ashley Williams (Swansea) stood a good chance of being a riser, so I offered cash (a little over the minimum) for him. At this time Swansea did not have a human manager.

Then someone took over that team so the original deal collapsed, I then re-offered the same deal as I thought I had nothing to lose anyway.

Then I got this...

"The deal involving Cardiff City and Swansea City regarding Ashley RICHARDS has collapsed as the SMFA has blocked the deal."

I am not a cheat or a multi and the only thing I can think of is maybe the new Swansea manager is also with aol, as I am.

aol do not give individual IP's, but allocate the same IP to a group of users.

Apart from that, I haven't a clue

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