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Official Arsenal Thread


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Re: Official Arsenal Thread

Cazorla to Athletico is just funny. He has a long term contract and yes he did admit he is taking time to settle here in London he also said he likes the club and loves the support from fans and is happy to stay. So I highly doubt we are going to sell. As for Higuain you have to remember that it is Real who hold the cards not Arsenal. We have done personal terms and agreed a fee, however being the sly little gits they are they said no and want more money. We ain't a push over club, we won't let Real play games. If Higuain wants to go to Serie A with a club that is not as good as Arsenal then fine.

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Re: Official Arsenal Thread

‘There are sufficient funds available to the manager.’ – Edelman, September 2005.

‘…the effect means we can spend more on transfers over the next 15 years.’ – Edelman, May 2006.

‘If Arsène came to us and said he wanted to spend £40m on a player we could do that.’ – Edelman, Sept 2007.

‘We remain firmly committed to substantial investment in the playing squad.’ – Chairman Peter Hill-Wood, Sept 2008.

‘We’ve got a substantial amount of money to invest.’ – chief executive Ivan Gazidis, Sept 2009.

‘The club is secure – we have sufficient funds to invest.’ – Gazidis, May 2010.

‘In January and in the summer there will be significant funds available to bolster the team.’ – Gazidis, Sept 2011.

‘All the money we make is available to the manager.’ – Gazidis, May 2012.

‘It’s all about giving us the capability to go to the manager and say “here is the money for you to compete”.’ – Gazidis, June 2013.

Every year...

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Re: Official Arsenal Thread

Sorry but Bergkamps statement springs to mind when I read that Hazza.

We have never ever been a huge spending force. We have always spent cautiously. Players like Viera and Fabregas cost us a couple of hundred k. Then we have had some big signings like our record fee or Arshavin for 15 million.

We are not Chelsea or United or City for that matter. So why all the sudden do we need to become one of then clubs? The answer is simple we don't.

We need to add to the team for sure, however don't be expecting us to spend 70mil in one market. It won't happen. When you became an Arsenal fan we didn't do that.

People won't like what I have to say but I grew up knowing how Arsenal play football and how they treat finances. We should all be custom to this by now.

For those who are going to moan at what I say, my answer is simple we have always ran our club like this. I can bet a large amount of teams wish they had the security of finances that we do.

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