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Official Arsenal Thread


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Re: Official Arsenal Thread

The over-ratedness would come from his international (mainly Euro 2012) form.
He's in his last year of contract and Ajax could use the money. They can't risk him going on a free. That doesn't explain why noone else is in for him though.

He's not over rated. He's a top player and has been Ajax's main man for at least two seasons

Ah this is just going over comments I've been seeing. I don't watch Dutch football or Danish international so I have nothing to judge him on.

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Re: Official Arsenal Thread

Just out of interest what on earth has Wilshere done in his career so far to be noted?

Yes I agree he is not 'rubbish' but the flip side of that coin is he has done/shown no more in the game than Cleverley' date=' McCarthy, Henderson etc to warrant his so called 'wonderkid' status.[/quote']

Good point Cheeky. Whilst I don't think he is a wonder kid he once was. When he first burst onto the scene he was an explosive young midfielder with amazing vision and not afraid of getting stuck in.

Over the years injury has played it's part and he hasn't developed to what we all thought he would. However the man is still a class act and offers us a good option at defending and linking up the attack. Something Wenger is very fond of with his CM's is the ability to not just track back but play nice passing football.

I still rate him highly and against Fenerbahce he showed why he is better than plays like Hendo, Cleverley etc..

On his day he is unplayable and shows skill at the highest level. However as Hayden said them days aren't that regular.

The good thing about him though is that he is a tenacious player, gets stuck in and links up well with his whole team. A firm fan favourite and always tries hard for the shirt he wears and badge he represents. A typical old fashioned English midfielder. Something that Cleverley etc isn't. Not mocking them players either as they are all clearly talented. However in my view Jack will grow up to be future England captain. Whether he will be captain of England and still playing for Arsenal is a different question.

Personally I think it's a matter of time until he wants to compete for major honours and who can honestly blame him. I just hope he goes to a team for the right reasons not just money. I'm sure he isn't like that though.

Hoped that answered the question. :)

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