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Official Arsenal Thread


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Re: Official Arsenal Thread

Shezza 7 - not too much to do bar the pen.

Debuchy 7 - Was the best game id seen him play bombing down the right a man down until the pen.

Mert 6 - Meh

Monreal 6 - see above

Gibbs 6 - see above

Cazorla 7- makes good decisions, would have scored the pen.

Flamini 5 - didnt realise he was on

Rosicky 9 - Hungrier than all the youngins, brillinat burts of one touch pass and move football. MOTM

Giroud 3 - was somewhat useful until he raged

Welbeck 6 - in a gmae we dominated most of didnt do alot

Sanchez 8.5 - Could have been 9+ but what a god awful effort of a penalty.

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Re: Official Arsenal Thread

Q.ueensP.eeR.eguarlyonly got themselves back in the game 10 versus 11 due to another dire refereeing decision. We played at our best the 20 minutes following Giroud's hissy fit.

Szczesny 0 Can't stand him. Nothing to do and he still does things wrong

Debuchy 7 Solid

Per Mer 7 Same

Monners 7 Ditto

Gibbs 7 Decent attacking, shocking defensively

Flamini 0 Rank

Santi 6

Rosicky 8 Really good for a first game back.

Welbeck 0 Getting worse by the week

Sanchez 8 Wonderful energy, shocking penalty though

Giroud 0 Pathetic conduct from an absolute tart.

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Re: Official Arsenal Thread

Walcott should be about ready now as well.

About time' date=' he's been back from injury long enough.

Can't wait to see Sanchez/Welbeck/Walcott!

Watching Armand Traore brought back some nostalgia. Bloody horrific footballer.

Robbie Earle did the analysis showing how Traore let Alexis have free reign before he scored.

Classic Traore :D.

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