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Official Arsenal Thread

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Re: Arsenal Gossip

Im going against derby. :D:D:D

Play diaby he was great against sevilla and NO SEVILLA should not have got a goal they were awful

Or van persie on left eduardo and ade up-front.

I don't think they should play RVP on the leaft as he is Asrenal's best striker now Henry is gone so he has to start and start where he plays best which is up front.

I don't see why Diaby shouldn't play for the next 2 games on the left till Rosicky comes back because he played well on Wednesday and he deserves another chance.

The only other option is to play Walcott and Hleb but one of them plays on the left.

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Re: Arsenal Gossip

my opinion is we should play fabregas and denilson in the middle because where at home against a relegation zone team so we need to players in the middle who can attack then have walcott on the right or left dont know. i think van persie has to start and i want eduardo to play up front to gain confidence for him and against a team like derby (no disrespect) hes got a good chance of scoring if he plays up front but adebayors been on very good form. so do we play eduardo on the left and walcott on the rite? all i know walcott has to start because this is exactly the sort've fixture for walcott to open his account to the arsenal team becasue lets face it derby are like a good championship side so this is walcotts chance. also if diaby plays he cant playon the flanks i dont think hes quick enough to make runs and go past players like hleb and rosicky. and dont forget flamini whos started 7 games this season. its a hard one but i think we will no matter what side plays out there.

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Re: Arsenal Gossip

Arsenal take on Derby County 2day and here is my match prediction -

Arsenal 3 - 0 Derby County

It could be 4 or 5 if they get an early goal but i think Derby will battle really hard after losing to Liverpool so bad but Arsenal will still be way to strong so i think the battling Derby will lose 3-0.

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Re: Arsenal Gossip

Mate i think u've made a mistake Diarra is a CM/DM :rolleyes:(atleast thats what i think)

Yeah that's what o thought by the way this is the team -












Subs: Fabianski, Diarra, Van Persie, Denilson, Song Billong.

So he ended up going with Walcott on the right and Diaby on the left.

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Re: Arsenal Gossip

Great win for the Gooners and with Liverpool only getting a draw against Birmingham and Man City also getting a draw Arsenal are now -

3 Points ahead of Man City

4 Points ahead of Liverpool

5 Points ahead of Man United

5 Points ahead of Chelsea

Looking good for Arsenal lets keep this good form coming. :)

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Re: Arsenal Gossip

I think we will also have a game in hand after Chelsea and Man Utd play so if we win our next game then:

We'll be 5 points ahead of the winners of Chelsea v. Man Utd

We'll be 8 points ahead of the losers of Chelsea v. Man Utd

If Chelsea v. Man Utd is a draw, which is very likely- then we will be 7 points ahead of both.

All of this is considering we win the game in hand.

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