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conor clifford Chelsea's Next Red Hot prospect

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If he is already mentioned,I am sorry,because I can't find him despite using the search engine.


Name:Conor Clifford


Nationalty:Republic of Ireland


Date of birth:01/10/1991

well i been searching youtube for some games to watch.saw a few of Chelsea's reserves and saw This young lad scoring some great goals.Thus i got interested in him and started to search more information about him.Turn out,This lad is a great player.

The Irish Center midfielder is previously the captain for the U19s.He featured for Ireland in May 2008's European u17 championship last year and was The ireland U16's player of the year in 2007.I think this lad can give some great passes and score some great goals.His Hardworking,Strong in Tackle with good distribution.He Joined Chelsea from Crumlin United,He played 21+4 youth games last season with three goals.He made his reserve debut as a sub last season with his first reserve start coming early in 2009/10 whereas His first Under 21 international appearance was in October 2009.

Personally,I felt he can have a potential to do well when he is older.But right now,He is showing glimpes of becoming a very good player in the future.also i think he might just follow the foot steps of Frank Lampard and Michael Essien.

heres what he said when Cliford was interviewed before the game against Switzerland

His coments over the the 2 super stars mentioned.

"We go to the senior games and we do ballboy and we have to watch. I watch Lampard and Essien and see what they do well and what they don't do so well. Lampard can do everything really, score goals and spray the ball everywhere.""When I first went over, Frank Arnesen introduced me to Lampard and he just said to me to keep working hard, see what happens and hopefully you'll get your chance.At first it was like 'there's Lampard' and you are just looking at them. But you get used to it. You are with them every day and you are just one of the lads. It's not too bad"

For the first half against the French we contained them in spells, but we didn't play anywhere near to the level we can. I think if we all work harder and get on the ball and keep it a bit better we have a great chance.

some Pictures


a vid of a game which He did well.scoring some good goals etc... :D

Hoped you like it guys. :D

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Re: conor clifford Chelsea's Next Red Hot prospect

oww his found already.too bad for me then.But the thing is i made a report whereas that fella didn't. :PJust trying to argue for fun = ) Felt i did better than that fella' date='Plus i dont think its his find because theres no report on it which alot of finds have.he didn't there m8.[/color']

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