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Brief Background

Had this Tottenham for a while now but on my old account and took over them with two games left of the season and they where 12 away from safety so i was destined for the drop.

I put all of the team on the transfer list and with the money i got from the sales bought a squad capable of getting back to the top flight and contending with the big boys in division 1, i went with the saying 'Strength in Depth' and bought 25 players with a rating of 90+, and a whole bunch of youth, but a week later my dumb dog bit through the internet wire and no internet for about 1 or 2 months, but when it came back i made a new account on soccer manager and forgot all about my beloved Tottenham :(. But about an hour i thought id have a gander at my old club and of course their was no teams their as i lost them all so i went on add new club and there it was 'Previously Managed Clubs' with my Tottenham on it so i quickly went on my new account , the only one i use now and took control of them.

Obviously why they have been neglected as i wasn't able to manage them but they sat top of division 2 joint on points with 22 the same as Pompey and 'Green Army' Plymouth.

They've only lost once and that was when they was unmanaged and have won both cup and shield games so still in them aswell.

So my aims for the club are as follows;

In My First Season - Gain Promotion and Reach Semi-Final of Both Shield and Cup.

Second Season - Top 4 Finish.

Third Season - Win Top Flight Title.

Will Be Doing Match Reports and Transfer News on This Thread so Hope You Enjoy If Your Reading.


More To Follow...

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