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Transfer List problem - smadmin

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Hi guys, just something i've noticed which makes the transfer list difficult to use...

When a team changes managers, all the players from that team who were on the transfer list aren't automatically taken off the transfer list; the transfer listed price on their profile just changes to £0k and the TRL is hidden from the squad page.

If you browse or search the transfer list, you will find all these players who the last manager of that team wanted to sell, but who the new manager of that team probably doesn't want to sell. So you end up searching through and bidding on players who aren't really on the transfer list and who the teams don't want to sell at all.

E.g. in my setup, I do a search for transfer listed players between 90-100 rating and I get 10 names. ALL of them have a quoted transfer listing of £0k so this means they WERE on the transfer list before the team changed managers, and the new manager is not aware that they are still transfer listed.

Any possible patch for this??

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