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Asian Championship 1


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SM's many new setups which include Japanese, Asian and Austrian have started to be made with the first Asian and Japanese Setup being made at 3AM game time.

This will be the discussion thread

Would love some forumers to join.

List of forumers in this setup

1. KopStar- Incheon United

2. inicikirock- Jubilo Iwata

3. Tiësto-Sanfrecce Hiroshima

4. liverpool_rule- Nagoya Grampus

5. REDDEVILFC- Necastle United

6. cristianoballotelli

7. swanjeajack- North Queensland Fury

8. 374- Chunam Dragons

9. Chipolopolo- Gwangju Sangmu

10. chewis- Tianjin Teda

11. Clarkey - Shandong Luneng

12. chazza- Ah Ahly Jedda

13. tony mowbary- Dalian Haichang

Transfer/ Gossip thread

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Re: Asian Championship 1

took Newcastle Jets just to see how this setup is gonna be

ye im also interested to see how it works out! hope it does well. also i updated the first post with a list of the forumers that have joined\

i think we should rename this thread as a Discussion thread and make another 1 just macth reports and Transfer news. :D My squad value is 59' date='just 1 mil behind you[/quote']

good idea! can a mod change the name to Asian Championship 1 Discussion thread? I will make the match report thread.

Asian Championship 1 Transfer/Gossip thread

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Re: Asian Championship 1

Having taken over Gwangju Sangmu' date=' I intend to spoil your Div3 party B)[/quote']

I wlecome more forumers in division 3.it makes it a little bit more special and Tough (Now we have alot of Quality Forumers in Div 3,SwanseaJack and you m8.Its going to be tough for me then :D).Hope you guys would post in the Transfer News and Match report and i wish Good luck to all the Forumers in the set up. :D

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