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Formation Help PLzzzzzzzzzzz

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can u tell me which formation to use....loosing games constantly:(

the players abv 89 tht i have are

MESSI, Lionel 98

GERRARD, Steven 97

RIBERY, Franck 95

DANI ALVES, Silva 94

BENZEMA, Karim 93

VAN DER VAART, Rafael 93

SCHOLES, Paul 92


GAGO, Fernando 91

GUARDADO, Andrés 91

CORLUKA, Vedran 91

GIVEN, Shay 91

IRELAND, Stephen 90

CAPEL, Diego 90

MARCELO, Vieira 90

FALCAO, Radamel 89

MILNER, James 89

DE LA RED, Rubén 89

WITSEL, Axel 89

SISSOKO, Moussa 89

current formation i am using is 3-4-1-2


dani alves-corluka-capdevila

ribery-scholes-van der vaart-guardardo



plz help:confused:

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Re: Formation Help PLzzzzzzzzzzz

what are you scores like ? concece too many or just don't score ?

i use 4-3-1-2 with my united team.

if u do play 3-4-1-2 try using 3 CB'S or defs if you can.

but 4-3-1-2

normal everything / standard setup but attacking mentality, counter attack , tight marking + playermaker :)

you need to get some decent cb's.

sell scholes will retire soon hope this helps :)

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Re: Formation Help PLzzzzzzzzzzz

can u tell me who to use in which position if i use 4-3-2-1 of the existing players i have

4-3-1-2 not 4-3-2-1 i use :P

messi benzaema


gaurdado van der vaart ribery ( VDV and scholes will drop and gago may too replace them if you can.)

danny alves corluka (you should buy another cb you have none) capdevilla

but for now since u dont have another cb altho i reckon u should buy one . if u want too do that ask again on this thread ill list some good buys :

hope this helps if u need more answers just say ill do my best to help if i can :)

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