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| Bradford City | Mr. Ru x MUFC | Division 4 Challenge | English Championship 5242 |

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New to forum and soccermanager but i am a keen football fan and have been reading loads of treads and seen alot to do with Division 4 Challenge so im going to do one with Bradford City in English Championship 5242 and ill be posting all that happens on this thread, hope you'll enjoy reading and/or leave me some tips on who to buy or links to threads.


Mr. Ru x MUFC

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Re: | Bradford City | Mr. Ru x MUFC | Division 4 Challenge | English Championship 524

Bradford City News

Transfers In


Managers Thought's

Really Pleased With The New Signings, Just Bought A Bunch Of Risers To Bring Some Money In Next Month, One Has Already Had A Rise - Athhanasios Papazoglou has had his rating increased to 78 :D -

Wait For The Rest To Rise Now :D

First Match Is Against Brighton and Hove Albion, Im expecting A Slow Start To The Season As Risers Wont Rise For About 2-3 Weeks I Think.

Big Konoplyanka Is Named Captain For The Game.

The Starting Line-Up For The Game Against Bright and Hove Albion Will Be;


More To Follow...

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