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Guilherme - Rating prediction

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Re: Guilherme - Rating prediction

He will drop' date=' probably to 86.

Has only started two league games this season.[/quote']

He's only been at CSKA since 29th August and the Russian premier league has finished now (29th November), with Guilherme being injured since mid-October. Hardly time enough for him to make any lasting impression, but when he has played he was very effective, coming off the bench to bag 2 goals in his first appearence. He's been lively for CSKA creating chances when he's been playing (and scoring) he's not had enough time to shine yet. Ramos favoured Daniel Carvalho ahead of him for some reason? Ramos has gone now after doing a **** job and sky has come in and is looking to put CSKA back where they belong and hopefully he'll give give Guilherme his chances when the new season comes around.

Given that he moved from Dynamo Kyiv 2/3 into the season and that he's been injured for a while, plus the fact he hasn't done that bad with the time he's been given. I think dropping him down to 86 would be very harsh. I'm not sure how SM will rate him based on what he's done given how little time he's had to do anything, but I think he should stay at 89.

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