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|| Leeds Utd / Div 1 Challenge ||

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Leeds United

Ec 2172 History

Ive decided to start a diary for my Leeds Utd in EC 2172, i became the clubs manager back in October 2008 when the league was first created and have stayed with them since.

Ive been meaning to document my success with the club for a while, but unfortunatley i havent got round to it until now, so this thread will be about past and present milestones for the club and my goal to make Leeds Utd the most domminant team in EC 2172.

Back in October 2008 when the league was created Leeds were (obviously) in div 3 with a very poor squad bar beckford / delph. My aim was to rebuild the squad bringing in plenty of youth some for short term money making and some for the long haul. Out of the original team all of the players were sold within the first month or two mainly for chairman value apart from Delph who was sold to Newcastle for around 5.000.000 and Beckford who was sold to Doncaster for around the same price if my memory serves me correctly.

After bringin in around 20-30 youth players of which included my starting 11 my goal for the first season was to maintain the clubs healthy financial status and make a top half finish. To my surprise the majority of my youth team had all gained healthy rises within a few weeks, and the domestic campaign couldnt have gone much better. Mid-way through the first season Leeds were sitting proudly at the top of div 3 with a good few points ahead of the rest, the majority of my youth team had all finished there transfer ban so i decided to sell a few to gain more funds to buy more established players. Towards the end of the first season Leeds were still at the top and had a considerable lead above the rest, with more youth coming through the ranks and rising i had decided to hang on to the remaining youth players until the end of the season.

End of season (1) Won division 3 quite easily 20 points above second place.

Season (2) Not long after the finish of season one i placed all the youth team on the transfer list, a few weeks later most of the youth risers had been sold, bringing me a warchest of around 50-60 million. I decided a different approach to div 2 buy buying high rated vetrans some of which included Ballack, Toni, Figo etc.... the start of season 2 was brilliant around 10 games in we was top of the league once again. Could we have consecutive promotions? It was looking really good until the disaster happend, some childish prune cut my phone wire!! DEVASTATED!!!! It wasnt long until i had the phone wire fixed but then the internet company had problems with my connection blah blah blah yes i know irrelivant sorry

:o. Anyways due to the internet mix up i ended up losing all of my teams on Sm which i was gutted about some of which included Liverpool in a GC Juventus in a GC and of course my beloved Leeds, luckily enough i was able to get my leeds back when i got my internet back. They were untouched and all the players were still here, bad news though as they had slipped from top spot to around 18th :mad:. With only a few games left there was no way i could get them into a promotion spot.

End of season (2) Mid-table finish (9th)

Season (3) After season twos disapointing events i was even more determind to get Leeds to div 1, once again i decided a different approach sell all the players i had bought this time last season and bring in established youth the likes of dzeko, ramires, defour etc the start of season four was ok (ish) with a few wins and draws under my belt, nothing spectacular and certainly not the results i required for a title push. Long story short i finished 3rd in the league behind Blackburn Rovers and Bristol City. But a playoff place for Leeds in division 2 was more than acceptable in my eyes.

After some great tactical help from (sonofpluto) i won the semi final playoff against Barnsley 4-0, made it into the final :D and with a 3-0 victory in the final against Bolton ide finally made it into div 1 :):D:):D

End of season (3) Play-off winners(3rd)

Season (4) Update to follow.

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Re: || Leeds Utd / Div 1 Challenge ||


Leeds Utd

EC 2172

Season (4) After three long seasons of lower league football, Leeds have finally secured there posistion in the top flight league. I am absolutley delighted with the team, and looking forward to my new challenge. This seasons objectives are obviously to finish in the top half but more realisticly to avoid relegation. With the new season starting tonight im looking to get off to a good start but could find that hard with the first opponents being Liverpool at home, the first 3 games of the season couldnt be harder with liverpool, Manchester Utd, and Arsenal

** Match reports to follow **

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Re: || Leeds Utd / Div 1 Challenge ||


Leeds Utd

Ec 2172

Div (1) Fixture (1)

League -- (9th)

Match Analysis The first game of the season was always going to be hard against Liverpool, but to my delight Leeds managed to escape with a 1-1 draw and came away with a really good point. My aim was to obviously take all 3 points, but coming away with a point against one of the best teams in the setup was more than acceptable. The match at Elland Road was surprisingly close, the possesion went in Liverpool's favour 58% - 42% although shots and shots on target swayed in Leeds favour. It wasnt long before Liverpool took the lead as Xavi scored a powerfull header in the 19th minute, Leeds immediatley started to push for the equaliser with shots from Steven Defour and Santos Ramires both hitting the woodwork, the equaliser came in the 80th minute as Moussa Dembele scored a right footed screamer. Final score 1-1

Transfer News my aim was to bolster up the youth squad, by bringin in cheap young risers. Some of the new arrivals are Davide Astori, Hugo Ventura, Macedo Michel, Marc Muniesa, Iker Muniain and finally Furkan Ozcal. Hopefully some of the youth team will have healthy rises shortly, bringing in the funds to buy two of my long term targets Axel Witsel and Alan Dzagoev.

Next Fixture -- Manchester United

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