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Saddam's Hanging/Death

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Saddam Hussain

doubt it man! he killed a lot of people and i suppose hes payed 4 wot hes done in the end by getting his own life taken away from him in a painful way!

He killed over 300,000 in a street gasing he made a holocaust all on his own then there was the world trade centres but really hes not responsible for the world trade centres because he wasnt on the plane which means sum1 else was to blame for well he should of bin hung straight a way big arab dictator being hung isnt painful because your neck snaps when you get relised from the door and your carnt feel it and you die within secconds

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personally i think hangin was to good for him' date=' he should of had a slow painful death, one which was at the hands of the people he supressed. Evil Tyrant got lucky that his neck snapped[/quote']

i think they shud have suffacated him with a pillow 4 a while till he hardly had any life left in him, then they shud have cut off his big toes and his thumbs, then they shud have got him naked against a wall and hosed him down 4 a while with a firemans hose full of coldwater (that wud sting) lol, then they shud have stretched him, then hung him?? :eek:

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