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|Aston Villa | English Championship 5219 Match Report Thread

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Re: |Aston Villa | English Championship 521 Match Report Thread


New Manager At Villa Park

Azrul Asyriqien has been appointed as Villa manager after former manager, Martin O' Neil, was sacked after a very poor performance last season. Azrul didn't waste a single moment and quickly entered the transfer market, looking to change the club. Surprisingly, Azrul only kept 6 of the players from the original team while the rest were sold or to be swapped with another player. The six of them includes, Brad Friedel, Stephen Warnock, Carlos Cuellar, Luke Young, James Milner and Nathan Delfouneso.

Azrul has already brought in 23 players with the likes of Alan Dzagoev, Honorato Nilmar, Aly Cissokho and Danijel Pranjic to name a few. 8 players were sold to add £76 Million to the transfer kitty while the other 12 players were swapped out. Azrul is also lookng forward in signing Marek Hamsik, for £11 Million with Fabian Delph going the other way, Diego Perotti and Lorenzo De Silvestri for cash respectively with no competition for these 3 players.

Though Azrul brought in a large amount of players, Aston Villa narrowly lost to Arsenal on the first match of the season, 1-0 with Cesc Fabregas scoring the only goal. The next match, Aston Villa will be facing The Hammers. Azrul feels that the team really can win this match.

Here is a look at the current squad:


Brad Friedel

Vincenzo Fiorillo


Aly Cissokho

Stephen Warnock

Joao Cicinho

Luke Young

Carlos Cuellar

Neven Subotic

Federico Fazio

Simon Kjaer

Yavhen Kacheridi ( I didn't know why I bought him. :o )

Jan Vertonghen


Danijel Pranjic

Alan Dzagoev

Jose Manuel Jurado

Esteban Granero


James Milner

Bosko Jankovic

Eden Hazard

Savio Nsereko


Honorato Nilmar

Givanildo Vieira Hulk

Mario Balotelli

Nathan Delfouneso.

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Re: |Aston Villa | English Championship 521 Match Report Thread


Trio Signed Right Before Match Against Hammers

Aston Villa has managed to sign trio, Marek Hamsik, Diego Perotti and Lorenzo Di Silvestri, right before the second match of the season, against West Ham United but all three of them will not be given their debut against the Hammers as all three are trying to adapt to their new lifestyle in England and they are yet to be revealed to the public.


Will he redeem his 14 Million pounds tag price?

More good news, youngster Furkan Ozkal has impressed manager, Azrul Asyriqien, when he proved his potential with an 8 point rise in the SM ratings.

The team sheet for the match has been given and Aston Villa are playing in a 4-4-2 formation :





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Re: |Aston Villa | English Championship 5219 Match Report Thread


Aston Villa Nets First Win Of The Season

Aston Villa has just netted 3 points away at Upton Park after a well deserved 2-0 victory against West Ham United. The goals happened to come from the left side of the Aston Villa team with Danijel Pranjic scoring the first goal and substitute, Bosko Jankovic, netting his first goal on his first appearance for the club. Lets recap and look at the highlights.

And it's Kick Off. Danijel Pranjic quickly gets away with the ball and dribbles past Julien Faubert but fails to get his shot on target. Minutes later, a free kick was given for the home side just 25-yards away from the goal, but Honorato Nilmar was shown a yellow card for failing to move back ten yards. The chance to capitalize on the free kick was wasted when Carlton Cole heads it wide. Scott Parker found himself with the ball in the middle of the field and looks for the pass, but Esteban Granero does well to intercept and unleashes a deadly pass to Danijel Pranjic! Oh what a save by Robert Green. 20 minutes into the game and Honorato Nilmar finds himself some space and WHACKED the ball towards the goal. GOA... NO! What a brilliant save by Robert Green, going at full stretch to deny Honorato Nilmar and concedes a corner. Certainly almost all the action happens to fall to Honorato Nilmar instead of Givanildo Hulk. James Milner with the corner, it meets the head of Carlos Cuellar and ohh... It hit the bar! A beautiful goal kick by Robert Green leads the ball to Guillermo Franco and tries to cross the ball to Carlton Cole, but he hits it too long and Aly Cissokho makes a run forward with the ball. He crosses a low ball, but Givanildo Hulk couldn't control it. Poor performance by that man there. Minutes later, Guillermo Franco charged through the defence with the ball with only 1v1 with Brad Friedel but came under pressure to shoot it straight at the goalkeeper. Esteban Granero intercepts the ball for the.. I don't know how many times but there's lot of them, and passes around the midfield. James Milner crosses the ball, Honorato Nilmar manages to head the ball but was denied by the crossbar! Givanildo Hulk goes for the rebound but fails to capitalize. Goal kick has been taken and Jose Jurado wins the challenge and spreads the ball to James Milner who cuts inside of the defender and cleverly passes the ball to Danijel Pranjic to launch a missile which no goalkeeper can stop and it goes into the net! GOOAAAALLLL! What a brilliant strike by Danijel Pranjic, bringing the score to 0-1 to Aston Villa. The last chance in the first half came to James Milner but he failed to get it on target.



He scored the only goal of the First Half

The whistle has been blown and the crowd goes wild! Givanildo Hulk wasted had to hurry the shot after he got to the blind side of the defender, but misses. Alessandro Diamanti shows some nice skills with the ball but fails to score. James Milner crosses to give Honorato Nilmar a free header, but it hardly troubles Robert Green. 60 minutes of the game is up and Aston Villa are using all three subs, Danijel Pranjic gives way for Bosko Jankovic. A standing ovation for Danijel Pranjic. Mario Balotelli comes in for the under-performing Givanildo Hulk and Jan Vertonghen comes for the tired center back, Neven Subotic. The match resumes with Aly Cissokho encouraging the team to keep up the work-rate and it paid-off. 8 minutes after he entered the field, Bosko Jankovic tapped in a rebound after Honorato Nilmar shot it to the post. What a brilliant finish ! Carlos Cuellar was booked for a high challenge right after the goal. Another chance came to Bosko Jankovic but was denied, when he chipped the ball, only for Matthew Upson to clear it of the line! West Ham United are trying to push on their attack, but failed to go through the strong midfield of Aston Villa. Final chance of the match goes to Esteban Granero who shot form 20 yards out only for Robert Green to tip it onto the bar. And there it is! The final whistle. The score is 0-2 to Aston Villa, the winner of the match. Oh, this just came in, Brad Friedel has been given the Man of the Match award for having a solid performance and keeping a clean sheet.


Man of the Match

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Re: |Aston Villa | English Championship 5219 Match Report Thread


Aston Villa Loses Yet Again To Another From The Big Four.

Aston Villa has lost another match at home against one of the powerhouses of the league, Chelsea. The first match against one other powerhouse, Arsenal, ended up with Aston Villa losing 1-0 through an early goal by Cesc Fabregas. It turns out, the same thing actually happened at Villa Park yesterday. Gonzalo Higuain scored the early solitary goal which gave Chelsea all 3 points.

Most pundits expected Chelsea to win though, with a powerful attacking force of Franck Ribery, Lionel Messi, Wesley Sneijder and Gonzalo Higuain playing and Aston Villa playing the same team which won against West Ham United last week.

Aston Villa failed to capitalize their chances which dearly cost them a point or 3. Manager Azrul Asyriqien is surely thinking of rotating his team for the clash against the 3rd powerhouse that Villa are going to be facing, Liverpool. With Liverpool having bought several world class players, it's going to be a tough match. Francesco Totti is expected to partner Fernando Torres up in front while Javier Mascherano is expected to part David Silva in the middle of the field with club captain, Steven Gerrard, injured and Arjen Robben and Nabil El Zhar on the flanks. Stewart Downing is not expected to face his former club with the manager favouring El Zhar. Even Albert Riera hasn't start a single match with the manager playing a 4-5-1 formation. But with Gerrard injured, the will have to play a 4-4-2 formation.

As for Aston Villa, Azrul Asyriqien has told to the press that Mario Balotelli will be starting instead of Givanildo Hulk. Marek Hamsik will be given his debut alongside Alan Dzagoev in the middle of the park with Bosko Jankovic starting, giving Danijel Pranjic a rest. James Milner are amongst the few that are retained from the last match. Simon Kjaer is playing in for Carlos Cuellar and Joao Cicinho is given his first appearance.

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Re: |Aston Villa | English Championship 5219 Match Report Thread


Villa Claims Another 3 Points

Aston Villa has won another match in their current season with Azrul Asyriqien against Liverpool after a 7-goal thriller! Pundits have repeated again and again to the media that this will be a very, very close match and they were right. Some pundits would have tipped Liverpool to win the match, considering they have stars like Fernando Torres, Francesco Totti, David Silva and Arjen Robben. Surprisingly, Nabil El Zhar was chosen to start, leaving Albert Riera and former Aston Villa player, Stewart Downing, to warm the bench. Some pundits felt the relief when their money on betting was worth it. Here are the line ups and highlights.

Match Lineups :

Liverpool (4-4-2): P Reina, G Johnson, F Aurelio, M Skrtel, J Carragher, N El Zhar, A Robben, J Mascherano, J David Silva, J Fernando Torres, F Totti.

Unused sub(s) : C Diego, S Kyrgiakos, S Downing, A Riera, A Voronin.

Aston Villa (4-4-2): B Friedel, J Cicinho, N Subotic, S Kjaer (J Vertonghen 60'), J Milner (E Hazard 60'), B Jankovic, M Hamsik, A Dzagoev, M Balotelli, H Nilmar.

Unused sub(s) : V Fiorillo, G Hulk, C Cuellar.

Match Highlights

The referee blows the whistle to start of the match. Nilmar passes the ball wide to Jankovic who moves forward with the ball and pulls the ball back to Hamsik. Hamsik surges with the ball, but a slight moment of hesitation cost him the ball and Liverpool goes on a counter-attack! David Silva with the ball, catches Robben in his sight and passes a lovely ball into his path. Robben crosses, oh what a save by Friedel. A header by Totti head straight to the path of Friedel, an easy one for him. Dzagoev goes on the attack, surging forward looking for space, but Torres tackles him to break the attack and goes for the counter-attack. He goes outside the box, but is outnumbered and passes the ball wide to El Zhar who founds Mascherano running into the box and crosses to him. OOOHHHH! :eek:. That should have been a goal there! Mascherano misses an open goal! How could he not capitalize on Friedel slipping on his line?! A wasted chance there from Liverpool. Surely they will be punished by Aston Villa. After few minutes of passing from the Villa midfield, Mascherano wins the ball and puts it across for Robben to chase. Robben pulls the ball back from the byline and finds Torres who coolly slots it to the back of the net! What a goal and what a run by Robben! :eek:. The Kop is going wild! Aston Villa with the restart. Dzagoev brings the ball forward, passes back to Hamsek. Hamsek lobs the ball into the box. GOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLLL!!!!! It's Nilmar! He got to the end of a beautiful lob by Hamsek there. Just a minute after the first goal, and Aston Villa has equalised! I'm sure the Villa fans are relieved! Liverpool on the attack now. David Silva scans for team mates in the box and he crosses, hoping it would reach one of them and it does but a beautiful bicycle kick effort by El Zhar was wide. Spectacular play by Liverpool. Nilmar with the chance, comes of the post! BALOTELLI COMES FOR THE REBOUND!... GOALLLLLLLLL!!!! What a clinical finish. A poachers goal! Scores his first goal for Aston Villa. Aston Villa leads after the half-hour mark 2 goals to 1! Am I seeing what I'm seeing? Totti powerfully charges through the Villa side of the field and SCORES! GOAL!!!!!!! I think it was frustration in him that caused that wonderful run. What a goal. :eek: . Liverpool putting pressure on Villa now but can't pass through the pair of Subotic and Kjaer.


It's 2-2 after the break and the first 5 minutes has seen Liverpool trying to attack and keep pressure on Villa. Aston Villa with the counter-attack, Dzagoev pushes the ball to Milner. Milner passes to Balotelli, who's outside the box. Balotelli chips the ball... GOOOAAALLLL!!!! Balotelli with a clever chip! He saw Reina came out of his line and was so confident that he would score! Brilliant play. 2 Goals for the Italian already. Already on the hour mark and Villa are making 2 substitutions. Eden Hazard comes on for James Milner. The fans are jeering Azrul Asyriqien for taking off the player who has been terrorizing the left side of Liverpool to bring on a player who is new and not known to the Premier League. Simon Kjaer comes off for the versatile defender, Jan Vertonghen. Looks like 2 Belgians into the field. Let's see if they could keep up their 1 goal lead or even extend it! Hamsek wins the ball and catches Hazard moving in and neatly passes the ball. Hazard under pressure from Mascherano and Carragher, pulls the trigger. GOAAL!!!! What a goal! What a curler! Great strike from the Belgian. Looks like the fans are cheering. Hazard must be happy now that he has made an impression amongst the Villa fans and made sure Azrul Asyriqien didn't regret putting him on OR even signing him up!. That must have sealed the match! 4-2 with Aston Villa leading. As the clock ticks, Jankovic and Mascherano recieves a yellow card for violent conduct and a rash tackle respectively. Liverpool are pressing hard and is moving forward hoping to score 2 goals to get a point. They do get a goal by Torres after tricking Subotic. But it must be too late. Balotelli recieves the last chance of the match but fluffed his shot.

Full Time

Goal scorers: Torres 27', 80' ; Totti 30' | Nilmar 28' ; Balotelli 32', 57' ; Hazard 64'.

Yellow Cards: Mascherano | Jankovic, Nilmar

Man of the Match : Fernano Torres


The preview for the match between Aston Villa and Fulham will be reported tomorrow.

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Re: |Aston Villa | English Championship 5219 Match Report Thread


PREVIEW: Aston Villa vs. Fulham

Aston Villa will be facing a team who lost their first game, won their next two and drew in the last fixture. Fulham lies 6th in the table, while Aston Villa lies in 10th plays, just behind defending champions, Manchester United, on goal difference. Aston Villa is hoping to actually try to enter the Top 4 position. This match is a must win for both teams as both hope to secure all 3 points. Some pundits has tipped that Aston Villa will win this match as Fulham has not bought any players into the team in the current season which might cost them for the lack of depth. Some pundits says otherwise. They figure Fulham will win since the new Aston Villa side has failed to gel well for the first 3 games of the season, and they reckon that Aston Villa will still take awhile to gel to become a very good team.

Fulham has scored 6 goals for the past 4 games with Bobby Zamora being their leading goalscorer with 3 goals and Zoltan Gera and Andy Johnson both having 2 goals. Aston Villa on the other hand has scored 1 goal lesser than Fulham with Mario Balotelli being their leading goalscorer with 2 goals. Manager Azrul Asyriqien will hope that Balotelli continues with his form and score more goals. Finishing the stats on goalscorers. Let's got to the assist stats. Fulham's top assists comes from Zoltan Gera and Andy Johnson. Each having 2 assists while Aston Villa has 5 players with the top assists of only one goal. So by this stats, we can assume that Aston Villa really have not properly gelled well even after their spectacular win over Liverpool and Fulham has the teamwork needed to beat Aston Villa.

Following up with their expected team line-ups but as I'm an insider from Aston Villa, I have confirmed the starting line-up for Aston Villa. Fulham on the other hand, is expected to field a team unchanged from their last match but Danny Murphy may have a chance of starting. Let's get on with the starting line-ups:

Aston Villa (4-4-2): B Friedel, S Warnock, J Cicinho, C Cuellar, F Fazio, D Pranjic, E Hazard, M Hamsik, J Jurado, M Balotelli, G Hulk.

Subs: E Granero, V Fiorillo, L Young, D Perotti, J Vertonghen.

Expected Fulham Line-up (4-4-2): P Zubehbuler, P Konchesky, S Kelly, C Smalling, C Baird, Z Gera, D Duff, D Etuhu, S Davies, A Johnson, B Zamora.

Subs: M Schwarzer, J Greening, D Kamara, D Murphy, K Seol.

(Yes, this was absurdly, the team which drew to Arsenal without playing most of their star players, e.g Hangeland, Hughes, Schwarzer, Murphy, Pantsil.)

Players to watch. Well, you can guess who to watch from the Fulham side. The trio of Johnson, Zamora and Gera. Johnson and Zamora basically have wonderful communication and know where each other are at. Gera is mostly the center of all attacks and is the focal point in the team. Now let's look at the Villa side. Watch out for Balotelli, Hamsik and Pranjic. We all know what Balotelli is capable of. Scoring goals like any other strikers would do. But his clever goal against Liverpool in the last match, clearly stated his name to everyone. Hamsik, he is like the Gera of Aston Villa. Passes the ball well and his creativity and imagination is what started Villa's attack against Liverpool.

MATCH PREDICTION : Villa 2 - 2 Fulham .

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