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Re: Releasing Players!!!

I love playing Sm however there is one thing what really annoys me! lol

When you try and release a player and the chairman wont let you because he says he is worth too much or has potential.' date=' it shud be upto the manager to decide that! Does this Annoy anyone else![/quote']

It stops managers ruining teams. Some guys would want to come in and release everyone and then quit.

This rule means they at least have to sell them, so the new manager has more money to spend afterwards.

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Re: Releasing Players!!!

yea thats the kinda thing i mean, Really low rated players.. I have just took over a sunderland team and have been Lucky to buy 3 new players over 89 ratings and also put in low rated players too but this never usually happens...

also u cant really get rid of all players as u have to now have so many players in one team So i think u shud be able to release players as long as u have your 2 goal keepers and the amount of players u need to have.

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Re: Releasing Players!!!

Why release players though? Few players are worthless (well, none, though I appreciate wages are a factor) and the AI will normally bid on most players. So if you don't want a player, transfer list them.

You can't release:

- A player worth over £500,000 can not be released.

- Any player within your squad who is classed as an important player within his position by the Chairman cant not be released.

- Any player under the age of 21 who has a rating of over 70 or worth more than £100,000 can not be released.

Not sure why anyone would want to release these type of players. Anyone else can be released.

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