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|| Darlington-EC 4056 |&|SV Wehen Wiesbaden-Ger.64 ||

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Re: || Darlington-EC 4056 |&|SV Wehen Wiesbaden-Ger.64 ||

Darlington keep their place at the Top!!

Darlington 6-1 Tranmere Rovers

Curran (2)

Di Maria (23, 36)

Muniain (42)

Marchisio (58)

Hulk (63)

Michel (69)

Darlington turned an initial shock into a massive win to keep their spot on the top of the league. Curran open the score for the visitors after just 2 minutes but Darlington shook off that scare and turned their game into an excellent performance. Di Maria equilised on the 23rd and himself put the team in front on the 36th. Muniain scored the 4th of the game 3 minutes from half-time.

In the second half Darlington closed the game with another 3 goals coming from Marchisio on the 58th, Hulk on the 63rd and Michel on the 69th.

Team Formations:

Darlington (3-5-2)

Lloris, Michel, Santon, T. Silva, Marchisio, Pablo Her. (60' Canales), Ramsey, Pjanic, Di Maria, Derdiyok, Muniain (60' Hulk)

Tranmere Rovers: (4-4-2)

Daniels, Shotton, Cresswell, Everaldo, Goodison, Welsh, Mayor, Edds, Curran, Bonnet, Shuker

Darlington 2-2 Blackpool

Southern (39)

Santon (40)

Hulk (55)

Vaughan (62)

Darlington drew at home against a very organized Blackpool. After a good start by the visitors, Southern opened the score for them on the 39th. Darlington hadn't to wait long for the equiliser as Santon found the net just 1 minute later. In the second half Hulk put the hosts in a momentary lead on the 55th, a lead that lasted only 7 minutes as Vaughan settled the game for a draw. Darlington's foward Derdiyok was also sent off on the 58th after a very bad tackle from behind.

Team Formations:

Darlington (3-5-2)

Lloris, Kjaer, Santon, T. Silva, Sissoko, Pablo Her. (60' Canales), Ramsey, Marchisio, Di Maria, Derdiyok, Hulk (60' Muniain)

Blackpool: (4-4-1-1)

Rachubka, Coid, Crainey, Evatt, Baptiste, Adam, Jorgensen, Southern, Burgess, Wright, Vaughan

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Re: || Darlington-EC 4056 |&|SV Wehen Wiesbaden-Ger.64 ||

SV Wehen Wiesbaden Still UNBEATEN in the League!!

SV Wehen are still to be defeated in Division 2 as they won 18 and drew 7 in their 25 league games. (hope not to lose the next one now that i mentioned this:p) In the last 6 games they won 4 and drew 2 and the scores were as follows:

SV Wehen 3-0 FC Ingolstadt 04

Hulk (63)

Fernando (81)

Vargas (84)

SV Wehen 1-1 Greuther

Allagui (11)

T.Silva (48)

SV Wehen 1-0 Dynamo Dresden

Fernando (19)

Fortuna Dusseldorf 0-9 SV Wehen

Fernando (1, 13, 62)

Hulk (3)

Higuain (33, 47)

Rodwell (41)

Pablo Her. (76)

Negredo (82)

SV Wehen 2-1 FC Koln

Hulk (32)

Marchisio (44)

Novakovic (67)

SV Wehen 1-1 Union Berlin

Brunnemann (16)

Higuain (59)

So now SV Wehen are still Top of the League with 61 point, 4 ahead of 2nd-placed FC Koln and 10 ahead of 3rd-placed Stuttgart. Hulk is Wehen's Top Scorer with 16 goals and is leading the Top Scorer ranking along with Keissling of Stuttgart.

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Re: || Darlington-EC 4056 |&|SV Wehen Wiesbaden-Ger.64 ||

Great Sale at SV Wehen!!

SV Wehen Wiesbaden have been selling a lot of players during these days, selling players like Bolat, Ranocchia and Delph. But the biggest news come from today's press conference where the manager Glenn Formosa has announced the sale of Hulk to the 2nd placed FC Koln for a fee of 16 million and also Van Der Wiel is on his way to Holland for a fee of 7.5 million.


The Division 2 top scorer changes club.

After saying good things about the striker and thanking him for his performances at Wehen, where he scored 24 goals in 35 games, the manager has announced that they are working hard to reinforce the team with the funds generated from these sales. According to some people close to the club, the manager has around 46 million available for transfers and others state that a deal with a world-class players is almost done.

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Re: || Darlington-EC 4056 |&|SV Wehen Wiesbaden-Ger.64 ||


XAVI signs for SV Wehen!!!

Today SV Wehen's manager Glenn Formosa has announced a great signing...still difficult to accept many fans and football lovers. The Spanish mastermind Xavi Hernandes has officially signed for the German side. The deal was reached yesterday evening and saw the Blaugrana getting the defender Ruano Alexis and as sum of miney believed to be around 26 million.


Xavi Hernandez, one of the best Spanish players of all time.

The manager has also left a short press conference after Xavi's presentation:

"I think the club have done one of the best signing ever. Xavi is a football genius and there are no words to describe his immense talent. It wasn't easy to convince Barcelona to let him go but I think the deal was good for everyone involved. Alexis was wasted here as he has a very good future in front of him but it wasn't easy for him to integrate in this group and at Barca he will surely get the playing time he needs."

"We now have a very strong midfield with Pablo and Vargas being the team's best assist-men with 11 and 14 respectively. Fernando is also the team's second top scorer with 9 goals now that Hulk has departed. This means that Xavi will take Marchisio's or Ramires' place with a rotation between those 2 being the most likely."

"The attacking department is also looking great with Higuain and Negredo up front and with some very good talent as back-up like Lukaku and Muniain. Our keeper is also world-class as Lloris is also France's number 1 goalkeeper."

" The only department that we are looking to strengthen now is the defensive one. With Van Der Wiel and Alexis being sold we are left with only 5 defenders which means that another one is needed. We don't exclude that another world-class player can join us and so increasing the competition for the other two places in the back line."

"We are already in touch with a couple of defenders that may join us sooner rather than later. But this doesn't exclude that other reinforcements in any other areas may not come."

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Re: || Darlington-EC 4056 |&|SV Wehen Wiesbaden-Ger.64 ||

10-men Darlington crush Peterborough

Darlington 5-0 Peterborough United

Di Maria (6, 18)

Pablo Her. (50)

Hulk (58, 67)

Darlington won their 4th consecutive game in the league. Di Maria opened the score after 6 minutes and found another one on the 18th, just a few seconds after Sissoko was sent off for a professional foul. In the second half Darlington continued to dominate the game regardless of being a man down. Pablo Hernandez made it 3-0 on the 50th and Hulk scored a brace with his two goals coming in the 58th and 67th.

So Darlington are still first in the league with 41 points, 4 above Barnsley and Millwall who both share the second place with 37 points.

Team Formations:

Darlington (3-5-2)

Lloris, Kjaer, Santon, T. Silva, Sissoko, Pablo Her., Pjanic, Marchisio, Di Maria, Pedro, Hulk

Peterborough United: (4-4-2)

Lewis, Martin, Blanchett, Zakuani, Geohaghan, Lee, Coutts, Diagouraga, Makcial-Smith, Mcleod, Boyd

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Re: || Darlington-EC 4056 |&|SV Wehen Wiesbaden-Ger.64 ||




The first of the two world-class players to join Darlington is the Togo star Emmanuel ADEBAYOR. The ex-Arsenal striker was bought for the fee of 8 million for being a free agent as his contract with his previous club was terminated. "Adebayor will help the team to give some depth and stability up-front. Everyone knows what he is capable of and he will surely be an important player, not only this season but even in the coming years." said the manager during the presentation. Adebayor also left a few comments: "I'm happy to be part of this great project. Darlington is a small team but with great fans and an important aspiration that I want to help to reach it. I promise my new fans that I will always do my best and hope to score a lot of goals and also help my teammates to win games."


Adebayor, the new face of Darlington's attack.

Bruno Alves

The second professional to join Darlington is the Portuguese defender Bruno Alves. He joined from FC Porto for the fee of of 16 Million. He will be an essential player to help the current defending problems. "He will replace Santon at the back who lately was having a dip in form. He is a new player who will strengthen the team alot. The funds to buy these players came from the sale of a number of youth players who will now have more opportunities to cultivate their talent."


Bruno Alves, a wall in front of Darlington's goal.

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Re: || Darlington-EC 4056 |&|SV Wehen Wiesbaden-Ger.64 ||

Chivu Unveiled!!!

The Romanian defender Cristian CHIVU has joined the German side for a fee believed to be around 15-16 million. According to the manager Glenn Formosa, he will be an essential part of the defense, both this season and in the coming years.


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Re: || Darlington-EC 4056 |&|SV Wehen Wiesbaden-Ger.64 ||

Great Debut for Chivu and Xavi!!

Osnabruck 1-7 SV Wehen

Vargas (15, 66)

Negredo (40, 43, 56, 63)

Grieneisen (54)

Higuain (85)

The Spanish forward Alvaro Negredo shone with his 4 goals as both Xavi and Chivu game good performances in their debut match.

The current Division 2 leaders opened the score after 15 minutes trough Vargas. Negredo found the net twice in a few minutes, on the 40th and 43rd to send his team in the dressing room with a 3-goal advantage.

The second half opemed with a goal from the hosts trough Grieneisen which gave hope to Osnabruck fans. Hope which only lasted 2 minutes as Negredo scored his third on the 56th and himself scored another on the 63rd. Vargas found another one just 3 minutes after and Higuain closed the game with Wehen's 7th on the 85th.

So SV Wehen are first with 67 points, 9 ahead of FC Koln who lost their last match against Dynamo Dresden.

Team Formations:

SV Wehen Wiesbaden: (3-5-2)

Lloris, Johnson, Chivu, Rolando, Fernando, Pablo Her., Marchisio, Xavi, Vargas, Higuain, Negredo

Osnabruck: (4-3-3)

Wessels, Schnetzler, Karinov, Cichon, Schuon, Heidrick, Grieneisen, Lejan, Manno, Reichenberger, Frommer

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Re: || Darlington-EC 4056 |&|SV Wehen Wiesbaden-Ger.64 ||

Darlington Proceed to the Quarters In Great Fashion

Darlington 10-1 West Ham United

Pablo Her. (18, 73)

Ramsey (22, 57, 61)

Canales (27)

Perotti (34)

Adebayor (36, 74)

Bruno Alves (54)

Milner (56)

Darlington advanced to the Cup's Quarter Finals by trashing a very strong West Ham. The loanee Aaron Ramsey managed to grab a hat-trick whilst both Adebayor and Bruno Alves scored on their debut match.

Pablo Hernandez opened the score after 18 minutes and the fellow Welshman made it 2-0 4 minutes after. Sergio Canales found the net on the 27th and a quick double from Perotti and Adebayor put Darlington 5 nil up until half-time.

The second half was a replay of the first which started off with 3 goals in 3 minutes. Bruno Alves scored a header on the 54th whilst Milner grabbed one for his team on the 56th. Aaron Ramsey cancelled that goal less than a minute later. Himself collected his hat-trick with a great solo effort on the 61st. The goals ended with another quick double fire from Pablo on the 73rd and Adebayor a minute later.

Now Darlington will meet Aston Villa in the quarter finals on the 8th of March, who themselves managed a fought win over Wolverhampton.

Team Formations:

Darlington (3-5-2)

Lloris, Diakite, Bonucci, Bruno Alves, Ramsey, Pablo Her., Pjanic, Canales, Perotti, Hulk, Adebayor

West Ham United: (4-4-2)

Green, Neill, Upson, Friedrich, Ilunga, Behrami, Dixon, Parker, Jimenez, Milner, Trezeguet

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Re: || Darlington-EC 4056 |&|SV Wehen Wiesbaden-Ger.64 ||

Disappointing Final Streak Enough For SV Wehen Wiesbaden To Win The League!!!

SV Wehen 1-1 FSV Mainz 05

Negredo (41)

Borja (46)

Stuttgart 3-2 SV Wehen

Negredo (27,38)

Merida (44)

Kiessling (49,88)

SV Wehen 0-0 St. Pauli

SV Wehen 4-1 FSV Frankfurt

Fernando (24, 31, 61)

Lukaku (63)

Bouhaddouz (74)

SV Wehen 2-2 Arminia Bielefeld

Katongo (8)

Negredo (18)

Xavi (37)

Berisha (41)

SV Wehen 2-2 Nurnberg

Kluge (56)

Chivu (60)

Hyypia (63)

Negredo (78)

SV Wehen 2-1 Duisburg

Negredo (42,44)

Baljak (77)

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Re: || Darlington-EC 4056 |&|SV Wehen Wiesbaden-Ger.64 ||

SV Wehen Win Division 2,

The Bundesliga Higher Division Up Next!!


SV Wehen have managed to win Division 2, a title which was decided on the final matchday. FC Koln where close to the leaders thanks to their great manager who lead his team to capitalize on every mistake SV Wehen made. In fact they were only 1 point behind the winners which meant that if SV Wehen lost their last game and FC Koln obviously won their game the league title would have gone to a different team.

The Division 2 league finished as follows:


SV Wehen finished first, 1 point above FC Koln and are both promoted to Division 1. Stuttgart, Nurnberg, Arminia Bielefield and Mainz will have to fight for the remaining spot in Division 1 trough play-offs.

Few Points From This Season:

  • SV Wehen Wiesbaden lost only 1 game in the league against Stuttgart.
  • That loss ended their 44 a unbeaten league games in a row, started on 19th September 2009 when they were still in Division 3.
  • SV Wehen were the best attacking team as they were only 1 goal short to hit 100 goals. At the same time they had also the second best defense which conceded only 30 goals, 2 more than Karlsruher.
  • SV Wehen were the team to finish the league with the most points (77). Division 1 winners Wolfsburg managed to get 76 point whilst Division 3 winners Sandhausen managed to get only 60 points.

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Re: || Darlington-EC 4056 |&|SV Wehen Wiesbaden-Ger.64 ||

Great Streak from Darlington in the League!!

Darlington are going through a very good streak in the league which from the last 9 games they drew the first one and won the consecutive 8. The results were as follows.

Darlington 3-3 Brighton and Hove Al.

Casadesus (24, 39)

Marchisio (33, 63)

Adkins (73)

Canales (81)

Darlington 5-0 Gillingham

Pjanic (7)

Pablo Her. (19)

Marchisio (57)

Di Maria (80, 87)

Darlington 3-0 Millwall

Hulk (37, 47, 60)

Darlington 4-1 Norwich City

Gill (17)

Hulk (19, 25)

Adebayor (40)

Di Maria (47)

Darlington 4-1 Nottingham Forset

Neville (10)

Hulk (17, 52, 55)

Bruno Alves (47)

Darlington 4-1 Colchester United

Hulk (11, 34, 37, 75)

Lisbie (80)

Darlington 5-1 Leeds United

Hulk (48)

Adebayor (50)

Pablo Her. (53, 76)

Howson (74)

Pjanic (82)

Darlington 3-0 Huddersfield

Hulk (51, 62, 64)

Darlington 6-0 Bristol Rovers

Khrin (25)

Hulk (33, 52, 57 ,62)

Pablo Her. (72)

So Darlington are first in Division 3 with 66 points, 11 above 2nd-placed Barnsley. Hulk is the top scorer of the league with an impressive 27 goals in 26 league games. He is also the Top Assist Man with 16 assists.

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Re: || Darlington-EC 4056 |&|SV Wehen Wiesbaden-Ger.64 ||

Darlington Reach Cup FINAL!!!

Darlington's fans cannot be happier as their team managed to reach the Cup Final as well as dominating the league. After crushing West Ham United in round 4, they came up against Aston Villa in the quarter-final and against Hull City in the semis. Although both teams are respectable sides from the higher division, Darlington managed to beat those obstacles with two incredible performances on the pitch.

Darlington 8-1 Aston Villa

Adebayor (1)

Perotti (2)

Pablo Her. (10, 15)

Dardiyok (19, 53)

Pedro (40)

Downing (62)

Sissoko (86)

Darlington 3-0 Hull City

Ramsey (40)

Bonucci (55)

Adebayor (77)

The much awaited Final will be played on the 5th of April where Darlington will meet Barnsley.

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Re: || Darlington-EC 4056 |&|SV Wehen Wiesbaden-Ger.64 ||

The New Season Kicks-Off Today

Today the newly promoted SV Wehen Wiesbaden will start their adventure in Division 1 after making it to the top flight from Division 3 in 2 seasons. Their first match will be against Eintracht Frankfurt. For this match, the Manager Glenn Formosa will have to do without the service of his best striker Gonzalo Higuain and the midfielder Fernando.

But SV Wehen's Management have prepared the team well for this new adventure and reinforced the team with 3 quality signings. These are Raul Albiol who joined the team for a deal which saw Kjaer joining Real Madrid as well as a sum of money. Another player who came from the same club is the Brazilian Marcelo who joined for a fee of 11 million. Finally, the last signing was that of Luca Toni who joined from Milan for a fee of 8.4 Million. In addition, the young keeper De Gea was brought in, in exchange of Lindegaard, whilst the young LB Insua joined Liverpool for a fee of 9.8 million.


The three signings that are meant to bring strength as well as depth and quality to the team.

For tonight, the starting 11 will be these:


G.Johnson - R.Albiol - Chivu


Pablo Her. - Xavi - Ramires - Vargas

Negredo - Toni

Subs: Rolando, Thiago Silva, Marcelo, Perotti, Neymar

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Re: || Darlington-EC 4056 |&|SV Wehen Wiesbaden-Ger.64 ||

Darlington WIN the CUP!!!!

Yesterday took place the much awaited English Cup Final, a match which saw for the first time in its history the first and second placed teams of Division 3. A big turnout from the supporters filled the Wembley Stadium but only one set of fans has cheered troughout the match.


Darlington 6-0 Barnsley

Derdiyok (22, 27)

Pedro (29)

Hulk (41, 87)

Canales (76)

Darlington have put an impressive performance in the final and managed to finish the first half with a 4 goal lead. Derdiyok struck twice whilst Pedro and Hulk added one each to the tally. The second half was only a formality as Sergio Canales made it 5-0 and Hulk added another one to his name and the 6th for his team.

Darlington have shown a great attacking power but a great part of the merit goes to the defense. The back line had conceded no space to the Barnsley fowards which had practically no good chance to find the back of the net.


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Re: || Darlington-EC 4056 |&|SV Wehen Wiesbaden-Ger.64 ||

SV Wehen Wiesbaden

Last time I posted they were starting their adventure in Division 1 after successfully gaining promotion from Division 3 and 2 in two seasons, finishing first in both. So after 25 games SV Wehen find themselves 3rd with 52 points (15W, 7D, 2L), with Eintracht Frankfurt first with 62 points and FC Schalke 04 2nd with 53 points-just 1 above me.

Unfortunately we were eliminated from the CUP and the SHIELD in the quarter-finals, both on penalties with TSG 1899 Hoffenheim and Bayer Liverkusen respectively.

There were also some good news from the transfer market with as many good players were bought and others had a rating change. The first team looks like this:

Formation (4-4-2)

Lloris (92)

G.Johnson (91)- T.Silva (91)- R.Albiol (92)- Chivu (92)

Pablo Her. (90)- Xavi (97)- Sneijder (95)- Vargas (91)

Toni (92) - Higuain (93)

Formation 2nd team (4-5-1)

De Gea (80)

Ivanovic (91)- Rolando (90)- D. Luiz (89)- Marcelo (90)

Zokora (89)

Ramirez (90)- T.Motta (90)-Marchisio (90)- Perotti (89)

Bojan (88)

Other: Rodwell, Canales, Muniain, Muniesa

Now I'm expecting that the Spanish changes will bring some good news to my average ratings:p

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