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World Championship 2 MKII

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Re: World Championship 2 MKII

Bayer Leverkusen 0-1 River Plate

Another win for River plate who move up to 10th position in division 3 and are still only 11 points off the promotion places.

Benjamin Mwaruwari got the only goal in the game on the 17 minute mark, his shot from outside the area curled inside the right hand post.

Leverkusen made a surprise choice in their line up tonight, playing a goalkeeper up front :confused: some people think that it cost them valuable points.

Yuri: Fire me a PM with the players you want to sell and how much for and I will see what I can do, I'm in pretty good shape financially so I might be able to help :)

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Re: World Championship 2 MKII Chelsea World Champ 2 Major 3 Season Update 3 more seasons have gone by since my last report on life in WC2 and I think its an appropriate time to advertise the

wc2 summary of the cup Arsenal 1(p) - 1 Besiktas We start the night of with Arsenal against Besiktas a game which had to be decided in Penalties Fredrik LJUNGBERG (43) gave the home team the adva

Re: World Championship 2 MKII Pan Sizzle Seven Past Sevilla Panathinaikos 7 Sevilla 1 (and Sevilla played full strength!!) Panathinaikos showed Sevilla the way to play football tonight! Se

Re: World Championship 2 MKII

Everton 1-4 Borussia Dortmund

Claudio Pizarro's 6th goal in 4 could not save Everton this evening. Everton manager Sam Wainwright claimed: "Harry is a fantastic manager and i wish him all the luck in getting promoted' date=' as i think he can do it not many teams can beat our lads like that and be that great they were truly awesome tonight."[/b']

Both teams came out with high stakes, as a slip up by either team could cost them promotion. First half seemed dull as Everton and Dortmund seemed evenly matched and no-one could break through.

Just before the half Memic had something to say to his players. "Boys dont worry about the result, just play football how we've played it before. Nice free flowing and just run hard run them down, dont leave an empty player. Tough pressure will eventually see the other team slip up, then we pounce. I don't care about the final result, all i want is for you lads to play 110% and be able to tell me you tried your hardest, and i'll sleep sound tonight."

Soon after the break Dortmund players did what the coach had asked free flowing easy passing which lead to a goal in the 50th minute by Snjieder. 4 minutes later Pizzaro gave the home side something to cheer out with some great indivual skill. Everton's celebration ended short after Joaquin found a crack in Everton's defence and managed to curl a ripper of a shot. 2-1 for Dortmund at the 57th minute. This game seemed to be living up to the expectations. In the 63th minute C.Ronaldo's cross found Van Bommel who heads the ball into the back of the net. Dortmund were on fire not missing a shot. Everton seemed to just be defending as they were given no room and couldn't play their style of football. Another lapse in concentration in the 71st minute saw Kalou with open space and nailed the 15 yard kick.

Dortmund secure their 12th win of the season as they go to 1st place on goal difference. Dortmund and Porto are neck and neck.

Memic would like to thank Sam for a great game and wishes them well in the season, and is looking foward to next time the two clubs meet.

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Re: World Championship 2 MKII

Life in WC2 starts ok for George, as Dinamo Zagreb picked up a point away to Club Brugge.

Dario Zahora gave Zagreb the lead on 13mins, but Giacomance Kleber pulled Brugge level soon after.

Ivan Bosnjak gave Zagreb the lead again in the 2nd half but that only lasted for 4mins, Alan Stubbs recuing a point for Brugge.

Dinamo Zagreb move up to 8th in division 4, in what looks like a very tough division.

Meanwhile, George admits it's tough seeing Bolton Wanderers unmanaged and trying not to take them over. :(

Remember all players for sale:

Some star players;

Mauro Rosales - 88 - 8m

Elie Kroupi - 87 - 5m

Ivan Bosnjak - 87 - 5m

Many others, just check, for players rated 84 and over, just above their value. For under 84, their value :)

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Re: World Championship 2 MKII

Espanyol 3 - 1 Feyenoord

Espanyol climb to the 15th position of the table after a 3-1 win against Feyenoord. Things started better for the dutch team as the first half ended 1-0 in their favor after a goal scored by Yakubu (40). Espanyol showed great determination in the 2nd half and was able to make a comeback thanks to goals by Tamudo (51), Tchite (53) and Bernardi (71). It wasn't all good news for Espanyol as Lavezzi was injured during the game and will be missing for 4 weeks.

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Re: World Championship 2 MKII


Panathinaikos 6 Villarreal 2

Clayton Green recorded his 3 wins on the trot for Panathinaikos, which in turn put them above Villarreal in Division 3.

When Clayton took over, the side had many problems and were lying at the bottom of the table. But within a month Clayton has reversed the club.

A winning streak of 3 wins, now boasts of beating the 1st placed Dep. La Coruna and 3rd placed Cruzeiro. Now they have beaten fellow strugglers Villarreal.

But now, fellow managers are claiming that this side are not strugglers, but a side that can definately find the net and cause problems.

In Saturdays game, Dimitris PAPADOPOULOS had scored a brace, he really looked fired up, as Claudio Lopez had taken his place in the side, but due to injury it looks like Dimitris will try very hard to keep him in the starting eleven. Also captain, Steven Pressley managed to score two also. Which coming from a centre half was very pleasing for him. Other goals came from new signing Tomasz ZDEBEL and loanie Fernando BELLUSCHI.

Next the play an out of form Fiorentina side who are lacking goals. But it looks like the greek side are on the up!

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Re: World Championship 2 MKII


Fiorentina 1 Panathinaikos 4

Panathinaikos have recorded the 4th win on the trot.

After just 1 minute Govou was there to slot home for the visitors. Dimitris PAPADOPOULOS was the man to score the second for the Greeks with a wonderful lob over the keeper after 28mins.

But after 33 min, Fiorentina pulled one back with a fantastic curling shot from Angel ARIZMENDI.

But with just 3 minutes later Stilian PETROV was sent off after a clynical tackle.

So at half time, the visitors find themselves one goal up but with only 10 men!!

Although down to ten men. Panathinaikos managed to display why they are the team in form. With chances coming and going. They finally broke through with a second goal for Govou who crashed the ball in the goal.

Unfortunately the game was tinted. Due to a red card given to Manuel PASQUAL for head butting.

Both teams now down to 10 men. In the last few kicks of the game, Tomasz ZDEBEL put the game to rest with a toe poke.

Panathinaikos now move out of the relegation zone and move above Besiktas and Auzerre into 16th place.

Dimitris PAPADOPOULOS was asked about the recent form. This is what he said.

"Yeah, its really been great here since the Boss took over. When we started the season. We lost our first few games and we became quite upset at the way we were playing. A lot of other players were unhappy with the way the team was playing. We only could get one point in our first 9 games. The Clayton, The Boss took over and the first thing he said was that if I and the fans dont see you playing under my tactics then you are out!! So, anyway we drew in the cup, but lost on penalties. Then a few shaky games. And the team became new faces, and now we have won 4 in the row"

Dimitris has been finding himself on the bench, until recently. We spoke to the manager, Clayton Green.

"Yeah, obviously Claudio has been injured, and Dimitris has been working very hard in training. He is a bright lad and very clever with the ball. He scored a great goal tonight. Hopefully we can carry on in our form"

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Re: World Championship 2 MKII

River Plate 0-1 Middlesbrough

River Plate were unlucky to suffer this loss, to be honest they should have won it, the home side had almost 5 times as many shots on goal as the away side.

The only goal of the game came in the 30th minute of the game when a cross from the right was headed home by Darko Kovacevic.

The home side made it even harder when they had Benjamin Mwaruwari sent off.

But it was the away side that went away with all three points.

The loss leaves River Plate 11th in division 3 and are now 14 points behind the promotion places.

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Re: World Championship 2 MKII

C'mon guys, get buying your own piece of Dinamo Zagreb;)

Every player for sale:

TURINA, Ivan G 26 85 100 Superb £4.0M - 7.17 12(0) 0 0 AVAILABLE FOR 4.2M

- VASILJ, Vladimir G 31 85 100 Excellent £2.4M - 6.83 6(0) 0 0 AVAILABLE FOR 2.4M


CALE, Hrvoje LB 22 85 52 Superb £4.5M - 6.83 18(0) 0 0 AVAILABLE FOR 5M

- BOSNAR, Eddy LB/CB 27 83 76 Good £2.8M - 5.11 9(0) 1 5 AVAILABLE FOR 2.7M

- BULJAT, Marijan RB/RM 25 86 78 Excellent £4.7M - 7.24 17(0) 1 1 AVAILABLE FOR 4.8M

- ILIC, Branko RB/CB 24 86 100 V.Good £4.8M 22 Jul 8.50 2(0) 0 0 AVAILABLE FOR 5M

- CESAR, Bostjan CB/LB 24 86 100 Excellent £4.8M - 7.33 12(0) 1 0 AVAILABLE FOR 5M

- GERLO, Danilo CB 28 86 100 Superb £3.9M 26 Jul 0.00 0(0) 0 0 AVAILABLE FOR 3.9M

- JESE, Vedran CB 26 84 90 Excellent £3.5M - 6.13 8(0) 1 0 AVAILABLE FOR 3.5M


DRPIC, Dino CB/DM 26 84 56 Excellent £3.5M - 5.79 7(2) 0 0 AVAILABLE FOR 3.4M

- LUCIC, Mario CB 26 82 100 Good £2.5M - 0.00 0(0) 0 0 AVAILABLE FOR 2M

- ETTO, RM/RB 23 85 93 Good £4.4M - 6.71 16(1) 1 2 AVAILABLE FOR 4.6M

- CAVRIC, Silvio RM 21 80 100 Good £2.1M - 0.00 0(0) 0 0 AVAILABLE FOR 2.1M

- HUGHES, Bryan CM/LM 31 86 100 Good £2.7M 26 Jul 0.00 0(0) 0 0 AVAILABLE SOON FOR 2.8M

- VUKOJEVIC, Ognjen CM 23 85 78 V.Good £4.4M - 6.80 14(4) 1 1 AVAILABLE FOR 4.7M

- TOMIC, Ante CM 24 84 100 Excellent £3.7M - 0.00 0(0) 0 0 AVAILABLE FOR 3.8M


SARIC, Miroslav CM 21 81 100 Average £2.5M - 0.00 0(0) 0 0 AVAILABLE FOR 2.5M

- CHAGO, Mathias DM 24 84 100 Excellent £3.7M - 7.40 5(0) 1 0 AVAILABLE FOR 3.9M

- BOSNJAK, Ivan AM/F 27 87 81 Superb £4.7M - 7.28 18(0) 1 6 AVAILABLE FOR 5M


CAPI, AM 30 87 57 V.Good £3.7M 05 Jul 7.20 15(0) 1 2 AVAILABLE FOR 3.9M


ROSALES, Mauro W 26 88 100 Superb £5.7M - 7.22 9(0) 1 2 AVAILABLE FOR 6M

- STROK, Hrvoje W 26 83 100 Good £3.0M - 7.06 5(3) 1 1 AVAILABLE FOR 2.8M

- KROUPI, Elie F 27 87 100 Okay £4.7M - 7.50 8(0) 3 0 AVAILABLE FOR 4.9M

- TOTE, F 28 84 100 Okay £3.0M 05 Jul 0.00 0(0) 0 0 AVAILABLE FOR 2.8M


KARDUM, Teo F 20 79 100 V.Good £1.7M - 7.00 1(0) 0 0 AVAILABLE FOR 1.7M

- LJUBOJEVIC, Goran CF 24 85 77 V.Good £4.2M - 7.20 10(0) 2 4 AVAILABLE FOR 4.3M

- ZAHORA, Dario CF 25 85 64 Good £4.1M - 7.52 12(3) 9 2 AVAILABLE FOR 4.2M

- ANDERSON, CF 23 84 100 V.Good £3.8M - 8.00 2(0) 1 1 AVAILABLE FOR 4.2M


DALY, Jon CF 24 80 100 Excellent £1.9M 05 Jul 0.00 0(0) 0 0 AVAILABLE FOR 1.9M

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Re: World Championship 2 MKII


Panathinaikos 5 Athletico Bilbao 2

Panathinaikos beat tebthereb's spanish outfit in a game of chances. With Panathinaikos hitting an amazing 17 shots on target, and Athletico Bilbao with 13 shots on target.

It only took 60 seconds for the first goal which came from Tomasz ZDEBEL who lobbed the keeper for 1-0.

But the for the rest of the first half, was nothing but missed chances. Although Panathinaikos had the most chances, Adrian Mutu for the spanish had the easiest of tap ins, but shot the ball wide.

But on 30 mins, Panathinaikos possibly could of had a goal on a one on one situation, but Sol Campbell sithed down the striker to receive a red card.

The start of the second was explosive. With the spanish side down to 10 men, Panathinaikos were starting to push forward. Dimitris PAPADOPOULOS was the man who finished a great passing move to put Panathinaikos 2-0 up.

But 2 minutes later and long range strike was saved by Niemi and Adrian MUTU was there to tap in to bring one back for Athletico Bilbao.

On 53 minutes a corner was given. The ball cam in but was headed out only for the cross to come in and for Ivica DRAGUTINOVIC to finish cleverly. 3-1.

79 minutes gone and a short corner given, the ball is whipped in for Ivica DRAGUTINOVIC to head home for his second of the game. 4-1.

3 minutes later a huge mistake by Niemi in goal, gives Simon ROLFES an easy chance to score. 4-2.

With the spanish pushing forward in numbers, Fernando BELLUSCHI took full advantage and really had no one marking him and he just put it in the net.

The game finished 5-2. Panathinaikos now have won 5 games in a row. And there doesn't seem to be anyone than can match them at the moment. A team who were glued to the bottom of the table, now find themselves 15th in Division 3.

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Re: World Championship 2 MKII

Everton 3-1 Feyenoord


Everton turned on the style on saturday night by disgarding of Feyenoord.

Feyenoord looked edgy all through the first half conceding 6 corners and 18 shots. Everton broke through in the 32nd minute with Dmitri Loskov scoring his 4th of the campaign with a trademark right footed strike.

HT : 1-0

Everton flew out of the starting blocks in the second half with 6 minutes into the second half, Da Silva Muniz Liedson scored a perfect header which was soon to be his last action in an Everton shirt. After scoring he told the manager to substitute him and left the pitch and down the tunnel. thus the entrance of Claudio Pizarro striking the bar with his first effort as Ilan followed up the rebound to score his 6th of the season. Feyenoord tried and a lucky bounce to Yakubu gave them a consolation goal as the match ended 3-1 Everton.


Maciej Zurawski last night joined Everton from FC Porto. the reported fee was £4,000,000 plues a player exchange of Sven Verdonck. it also appears Everton are chasing strikers of 89 and above to sign.

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Re: World Championship 2 MKII

Dinamo Moskva 2-3 River Plate

Miguel DANNY (23) - Josip SIMUNIC (29)

DERLEI (54) - Gaston FERNANDEZ (44)

The decider:

Gaston FERNANDEZ (85)


River Plate 1-0 Aston Villa

The decider:

Marcelo GALLARDO (4)

2 fantastic wins for River Plate, they are now up into 9th place in division 3, the highest they have been under my management (I think they were 16th/17th inthe league table when I took over ;))

River have been in good form of late and have only lost 1 game since I took over :)

"9th in the league with 18 games to go and a gap of 11 points between them and the promotion places. Being in this form, I would have to say we will be around the promotion places by the end of the season if we kepp playing like this"

(said the River manager

after the Aston Villa game) :)

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Re: World Championship 2 MKII

Auxerre 1-2 River Plate

Bryan beats old club...

This was the game that the River Plate manager wanted to win, against his old club Auxerre.

Jan Koller got the away side off to a flyer in the 4th minute of the game when he scored with a glancing header. This was just the start that River wanted.

(Jan Koller in action)


River went on to double their lead in the 11th minute Tom DE Mul scored a screamer to make it 2-0

Lionel Mathis got the goal for Auxerre but it wasn't enough to stop River taking all 3 points.

The only bad news for River was that Benjamin Mwaruwari was sent off for kicking an Auxerre player and will miss their next three games...

River keep their fight for promotion going and are now up into 8th in division 3 and are only 10 points off the promotion places after wining 6 of their last 7 games :)

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Re: World Championship 2 MKII


Porto triumph in Moscow

Tonight Porto faced Lokomotiv Moskva in their bid for Division 2 glory and to break into Division 1 for the 1st time in the Clubs history.

At the start of the night Porto sat in joint top position in the league but 2nd on goal difference.

Dan Payne has told the press that his side's team is on such a good run that they must not let it get into their heads and play there to the best possible standard week in week out.

The game started off with an early goal from Veteran Paul Scholes after just 4 mins.


Dirk Kuijt equalised for Moskva after just 22 mins to keep the pressure on a Porto that are in need to secure there position in D1 next season.


After 33 mins recent signing Reyes secured the points for Porto even with another 60 mins left to play.


Porto have regained the top spot within the division after Dortmund slipped up to Werder Bremman who are a long way off the top 3 in a 4-3 thriller.

Here are the current standings:

Division 2

Pos Team P W D L F A GD Pts

1 FC PORTO 22 17 1 4 41 18 23 52

2 Borussia Dortmund 22 16 1 5 51 25 26 49

3 Bayern Munchen 22 15 4 3 47 29 18 49

4 VFB Stuttgart 22 14 5 3 47 18 29 47

5 SV Werder Bremen 22 12 2 8 31 32 -1 38

6 AZ Alkmaar 22 11 3 8 38 30 8 36

7 Feyenoord 22 11 1 10 44 39 5 34

8 Benfica 22 10 3 9 43 36 7 33

9 Newcastle United 22 9 4 9 42 50 -8 31

10 Everton 22 9 3 10 34 32 2 30

11 Lokomotiv Moskva 22 8 6 8 24 25 -1 30

12 Shakhtar Donetsk 22 9 2 11 36 40 -4 29

13 Manchester City 22 8 4 10 28 30 -2 28

14 Chievo 22 7 5 10 33 46 -13 26

15 Paris SG 22 7 4 11 45 39 6 25

16 Espanyol 22 7 4 11 26 33 -7 25

17 Charlton Athletic 22 6 4 12 24 44 -20 22

18 Manchester United 22 4 6 12 25 40 -15 18

19 Boca Juniors 22 5 2 15 28 43 -15 17

20 Liverpool 22 1 4 17 18 56 -38 7

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Re: World Championship 2 MKII


Panathinaikos 3 CSKA Moscow 0

Panathinaikos now have the best form in the league, joint with Bryans River Plate!! Who incidently they play next. :eek:

Petkovic scored the first on 23 minutes with a powerful header. And 3 minutes later he scored a second from a rebound.

In the second half Gimenez scored the third for the Greek side and put to sleep the Russian team.

21 points from a possible 24 now for the Greek side is becoming extremely impressive in Division 3.

Clayton Green took over the club when they were bottom, 5 points a drift. Now they sit in 13th place.

But with a huge 18 points behind the chance of promotion. Surely it is asking too much!!!

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Re: World Championship 2 MKII

Lazio 2-3 River Plate

Another fantastic win for River Plate tonight, this time at the expense of top of the table Lazio.

This was River's third win on the trot, just what they needed to help in their fight for promotion.

But the away side made it hard for themselves, they were 2-0 down after 16 minutes.

Edison Mendez and Lee Bowyer getting the goals for the Italian giants.

But River came back with avengeance, Marcelo Gallardo, Victor Zapata scored to draw the away side level but a last minute goal from Josip Simunic was enough to give the away side all three points.

Man of the match:


Despite the win River stay in 8th place in division 3 and are still 8 points behind the promotion spots with 16 games to go.

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Re: World Championship 2 MKII

Dortmund Falter as Porto rises to 1st

Dortmund had a thrilling game but just could not hold of Bremen, and just couldn't play the way we've seen the Germans play.

Dortmund have some must win games as battle for promotion is still fairly close and another slip up could cost the team promotion.

Memic has stated the next 3 games are must win especially against Porto, if they have a chance to regain the lead

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Re: World Championship 2 MKII

B) SV Werder Bremen 4-1 Paris SG B)

Mark Tylers men had a convincing win today as they beat Mark Underwood's Paris sg side by 4 goals to 1 at the Weserstadion.

Werder Bremen went behind early on though after Carlos Adriano chipped the ball over the keeper, who really should have done better!

Bremen were on level terms shortley after the break with Franck Jurrietty scoring a brilliant undescriable!

2 quickfire goals then gave Werder Bremen a 2 goal lead, with both goals coming from the boot Luis Perez both on the volley, first going into the top corner, second going into the roof of the net.

The win was sealed in the 85th min with Cristiano Lucarelli curling a shot past the keeper into the bottom corner from 25 yards out


The win leaves Tyler's men in 5th place but still 8 points off a promotion spot, while Mark Underwood's Paris team are just 4 points off relegation to division 3!

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Re: World Championship 2 MKII

as for some reason ac milan hit rock bottom :confused: milan boss ash carroll is looking to bring in one defender and 2 mid's to replace a few who are likely to leave in the up cuming weeks so all u big teamed managers please let me no if u got any1 i might be interested in thanks :D

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Re: World Championship 2 MKII

Dinamo Zagreb 2 - 2 Hamburger SV

A decent result away in Germany, but it sees the club plunge further into debt.

Elie Kroupi had Dinamo in front on 47mins, but Johan Elmander pulled Hamburger level 2mins later.

Bryan Hughes put Dinamo back in front soon after, only for Thomas Kahlengberg to equalise almost straight away.

Dinamo-Zagreb.png = 1 point

hamburger.jpg = 1 point :P

Dinamo Zagreb move back down to 10th place, Hamburger stay top.

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Re: World Championship 2 MKII

Dinamo Zagreb 4 - 0 SK Rapid Vienna

George's best game in charge of Dinamo so far, comfortably beating Alan Neller SNR's side.

Bryan Hughes, Ognjen Vukojevic, Dario Zahora and Elie Kroupi got the goals with Hughes voted MoM.

Dinamo move up to 6th, 9 points off a promotion spot.

Lost around 300k this turn, 836k in debt now, not to bad, hope to keep it down to a few million by the end of season.

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