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World Championship 2 MKII

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Re: World Championship 2 MKII Chelsea World Champ 2 Major 3 Season Update 3 more seasons have gone by since my last report on life in WC2 and I think its an appropriate time to advertise the

wc2 summary of the cup Arsenal 1(p) - 1 Besiktas We start the night of with Arsenal against Besiktas a game which had to be decided in Penalties Fredrik LJUNGBERG (43) gave the home team the adva

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Re: World Championship 2 MKII

Although spurs have helped me increasing my squad depth by loaning me players' date=' but I hope Barcelona wins :P. Because Spurs and Charlton are the only london teams in top division and so Spurs are my only local Rival in this division. It was fun beating them twice last season, but sadly my team couldnt maintain consistency which helped spurs win the league rather easily last season and we finished as runner ups. This season my team didnt perform good at all. But its still in developing stage. I hope to give tougher time to all top division teams next season.[/quote']

This year will be hard for us to make it 3 in a row but.. who knows..!!?? If we win tomorrow agains barelona we might be in it again..!!

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Re: World Championship 2 MKII

I am looking forward for this game, Spurs vs Barcelona! Probably the most important fixture of the season.

Also my every next fixture is a key fixture because i am looking forward to win division 3, another great season, last season got promoted from div 4 and also won the World Championship Cup. This season again looking forward for promotion and also looking forward to win the league!

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