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| Man Utd -- EC 5511 -- Report Thread |

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Re: | Man Utd |-|Match Report|


Sir Alex Ferguson Retired At Age 65


S.A.Ferguson has becomes Manchester United’s

Legends after retired as Red Devil’s manager.The Scotland has

been replaced with

New young blood,Adam Iman Iskandar from Malaysia but stay

At U.S.

Adam has received a call from Chelsea early today before Man Utd’s

Chairman call him to managed the 11 times EPL champions,Manchester


Adam has given a green light to spend big on transfer to

Build Manchester United.

The champions looking to have a

New manager along side a new faces will comes to the club.

After arriving of Mr.Adam,Many big names are looking to

Arrived at here.

Many people said that Manchester United got no money after

The board have to use “Ronaldo’s money” to pay their owed

From financial but Mr.Adam said he has the money,he has it.

“Maybe this is to early for me to take care a big club

Like Manchester but I know I can do this and I believed god always

With me.”Adam Said


1.Chelsea having war with Liverpool to sign David Villa

2.Real Madrid’s Superstar,Cristiano Ronaldo might come back

To Manchester United.

3.United also ready to launch a bid for Brazil’s striker,Hulk and

Fiorentina’s boy,Jovetic.

4.Pique replaced Ferdinand?That is a big news that comes over

The press right now.

5.Rooney = Torres?No one knows about this but it might happened.

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Re: | Man Utd |-|Match Report|


Juan Manuel Mata Arrived At Old Trafford


Young Spanish,Juan Manuel Mata has completed his moved

To EPL’s 11 times winner,Manchester United for 10 Million +


Mata has becomes the first signing by Adam after he becomes

Man Utd manager yesterday.

Mata arriving has shocked every football fans.Mata has been

Targeted by Liverpool before but choosing Red Devil

As his new team.

“Many big names has moving to England right now.

Mata will becomes my first signing but no the last.His

Teammates,David Villa has officially becomes a new

Chelsea player. “Adam told the press.

Shocking News:

1. David Villa moved to Chelsea for Drogba

Plus Turnbull moved to other side.

2. Zambrotta to Liverpool for 15.5 Million

3. Xabi Alonso joins Tottenham for 17 Million + Crouch + Naughton

4.Dani Alves and Chiellini arrived at Chelsea.

5.Ribery Join Eastland For 9 Million plus Adebayour.

“Chelsea has rebuilding their team and has made so many shocking

Transfer and I Believed they must be our tittle challenge this

Season.”Adam Told The Press.

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Re: | Man Utd |-|Match Report|


Welcome Home


Adam has already shake the world just after a day managing Manchester United

After brings back C.Ronaldo from Real Madrid.

Ronaldo who arrived at Madrid last year for 80 Million pound cant live in

Madrid after he was missed his fans at England very much.

The Ex-Galacticos will be wearing his old number (7)

At Manchester United who is wearing by Owen.

“I am his(Ronaldo) biggest fan.I love to see his play and his wonderful

Skill.I’m sure his come back will give us a 1001 meanings.I promise.

“I cant forget about my football career here and that’s why I’m here right now.

Not because he pay me more than Madrid but I think La Liga cant beat

EPL.That is fact.”Ronaldo got his say after completed moving back

To Manchester United.

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Re: | Man Utd |-|Match Report|


Pique And Santon Becomes The Latest Manchester United




Pique and Santon has confirm to be a new Manchester United

Player after the deal for them has been accepted by Barcelona

And Intermilan.

Adam has make this two defends signing because he need

A good replacement for Ferdinand who goes to

Madrid to bring Ronaldo here.

Pique has rejoin Manchester United for 3 million plus

J.Evans while Santon comes for 5 Million cash.

Pique has receive a new boots after he arrived at Man Utd.

Many fans delighted with the 2 signing and believed they can

Challenged Chelsea who has spending around 50 millions

And brings so many world class player.

“Santon has been in great form and also with Pique.

I think they will be a good combination at the back but Pique may not

Get first team unless Vidic injurt or something like that but I promise

He will play in the cup.”Adam told the press

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Re: | Man Utd |-|Match Report|


Owen Out


Micheal Owen has leaved United after arriving of Cristiano

Ronaldo at Old Trafford.Owen is not on Adam’s list

Because of his old and always injurt.

Moreover, Adam said he needs to sell Owen because he needs some

Money to buy a new faces.

Everyone believed that Owen might get a first team at

West Ham and maybe he can play on FIFA 2010 with


Owen has leaved United for 7.5 million pound.

“I didn’t mean to sell him but I think he will never get a place

Here.This transfer is also good for him”Adam told the press

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Re: | Man Utd |-|Match Report|


New Keeper For United

With Tomasz Kuszczack being overlooked for Ben Foster and the latters dodgy start to the season,Adam has make a quick move

after bring in Igor Akinfeev to United


Igor Akinfeev has completed his moved from CSKA to

Manchester United this morning.

This signing makes that Manchester United already got

5 keepers including Van Der Sar,Kuszczack,Forster and Ben Amos.

Adam said he might sell one or two keepers to other club or

He might bid Asenjo for Forster plus Kuszczack

Van Der Sar looking to retired from his football career.

Adam said that Akinfeev will be a good keeper to replace VDS and

Adam expect he only will concede not more than 15 goals this


Playing in a position where conventional wisdom states that experience is the key, to say that Akinfeev’s rise has been meteoric is an understatement.

He broke into CSKA’s first team at the tender age of 17 and immediately became the first-choice goalkeeper at the club. In the six years he has spent between the sticks, he has won the UEFA Cup, two National Championships and the Zvezda trophy, awarded to the best football player from the former Soviet Union. No mean feat for a goalkeeper.

The 6ft stopper is known for his quick reflexes and his agility in one-on-one situations. Similarly to van der Saar he is also pretty good at saving spot kicks. His ability to deal with aerial threats is impressive, although like most modern keepers he has an annoying tendency to punch balls which he should catch.

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Re: | Man Utd |-|Match Report|


Jovetic And Asenjo Join Red Devil


Two well known youngs star,Steven Jovetic and

Atletico Madrid keepers,Asenjo has arrived to Old Trafford this


Steven Jovetic arrived from Italian side,Fiorentina

For 4 Million plus Zoran Tosic.Jovetic has caught attention

From many club likes Arsenal and also Real Madrid but

Choosing Man Utd to continues his career.

“I was very happy to sign a very promising talent like him.

He scored twice against Liverpool on last match in UEFA champions.

Zoran Tosic is skillful player but he never got his time here and I’m

Looking to sign a new Siberian to give Vidic a friend.I want all

My player love to stay here.”Adam Told the press.

Sergio Asenjo has made his choice of life after agreeing to

Leave Atletico who is now on the 5 bottom from the La Liga table.

Asenjo’s coming sees United loosing Forster.

Asenjo arrived today and likely will be United’s 3rd keeper.


1.United sold Scholes to Wolvhampton for 9 Million.

2.Xabi Alonso rejects move to Tottenham after Harry Radknapp

Has announced to cancel the move and now Xabi has been in Adam’s

Target list

3.Manchester United close in Luis Fabiano.

4.Lassana Diarra wants to leaved Real Madrid and so with


5.Samuel Etoo Joins Everton .

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Re: | Man Utd |-|Match Report|


Luis Fabiano Joins Manchester United


This seasons may be the best ever football in EPL after

So many star has comes to play in the most honored competition

Today,Manchester United again has shock the football world after

Bringing Brazilian,Luis Fabiano to the club.

Fabiano who also has been targeted by Arsenal and Liverpool

Has wearing no.23 at Manchester United.

Luis Fabiano begs Mr.Adam to put him in the first team

Because he need to be in Brazil squad in this FIFA 2010.

“I really hope Adam can put me in the first as what he was

Promise.Anyway,It is really exciting to plays with so many star

Player like,Rooney,Ronaldo and Vidic.I cant wait to get started.”

Luis Fabiano Told the Press.

Luis Fabino also ask Adam to bring his National team mates, Ricardo Kaka

To Old Trafford but Adam said if he sign Kaka he must give Rooney to them(Real Madrid)

Small News:

1.Manchester United has launch a bid for D.Silva.

2.Adam received another 2 Million from Manchester United Chairman.

3.Ronaldo will be at the bench for Manchester first match against

West Ham.

4.Ryan Giggs has landed captain Armband from Adam.

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Re: | Man Utd -- EC 5511 -- Report Thread |


Lassana Diarra Follows Ronaldo’s Footstep


Former Cristiano Ronaldo team mates,Lassana Diarra has left

Real Madrid to join Manchester United for

4 million plus Hargreaves.

Lassana Diarra cant got what he want at Madrid

And He believed Adam can fulfill his

Wish.Lassana Diara said that Real Madrid will

Never be success and that’s the main reason

Why he was here.

“I was very delighted to sign him (Diarra).He is very talented player.

I have interested in him for a long time.”Adam Told The Press

Lassana Diarra also has been linked with Milan before,

Will be wearing no.5 shirts in Manchester United.

The Ex-Galacticos will earining around

4,000 per week plus 2000 per each goal

He scored.

“I really missed to play in EPL.I has played for Chelsea and

Portsmouth onced but they sold me.And I promise I will scored a

Goal against them.I Promise.

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Re: | Man Utd -- EC 5511 -- Report Thread |


David Silva Heading To Manchester United


Adam finally has got a quality midfielder for his team,Manchester United

After Valencia agreed to sell their Midfielder,David Silva for

Carrick plus Oshea and 6 Million pound.

Early,Valencia has sold Juan Manuel Mata to Manchester United and

David Villa to Chelsea.

Manchester United’s keeper,Van Der Sar believed

That this signing will really give a big hopes from all the fans.

“I know that Valencia’s fans was really loved me but I must look

Forward to try myself at bigger stage.I cant wait to play

With such a good player like Rooney,Ronaldo and Vidic.”Silva on Interviewed

“This maybe my last signing for this month.I haved received a call

From chairman that he need to use a balanced money to repaired

The stadium because of the snow.No more new faces unless the cheaper one.”

Adam Told The Press.


1.Arsenal And Manchester United battling for Crystal Palace’s

Boy,Victor Moses

2.Liverpool counted offer Torres deal for 10 Million plus Rooney.

3.Chelsea loan Asenjo from Manchester United.

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