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English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread

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Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread

West Ham Sale update

Right then after doing some transfers i must update the players that are for sale at West Ham and what i need. I don't like to limit players to straight positional swaps but overall I am looking for: a back up striker (87+)' date=' first team Gk (89 +), First team defender (89+), First team winger or first team striker (90 +).

To obtain this the following players are for sale:-

Gianluca Circi (88, 26, GK) -

The talented GK has moved to Roma in real life after impressing with Sampdoria. Need to upgrade so he can go.


David Luiz (90, 24, CB/LB) -

Highly rated centre back, I don't mind if I don't sell him but i thought he could be used in order to get a good deal.


Pedro Geromel (88, 26, CB) -

Solid centre back but have enough depth so looking to trade up.


Christian Maggio (90, 29, RM/RB) -

Very versatile player who is a regular at Napoli. Again don't mind keeping him but hoping to trade up with him.


Sami Khedira (91, 24, CM/DM) -

An overload in midfield has led to Khedira becoming available. Will be open to any offers but the German international will not come cheap.


Rodriguez Pedro (93, 24, Wing/Fwd) -

The talented young winger is available to ply his trade elsewhere. It would need a lot to obtain his signature but i am open to suggestions.


Anthony Mounier (88, 24, Wing/Fwd) -

Nice's winger can go as i am looking to trade up.


Mevlut Erding (89, 24, CF) -

I personally don't like the player. That is the only reason i am letting him go. He's still a talented, and young, forward.


Other players that i could be tempted to part with should the offer be good enough or should they allow me to acquire a player i like:- Blaise Matuidi, Sven Ulreich and Scherer Maxwell.

So that's all folks. As most of you probably know i like fast done and dusted deals. If you have any queries or suggestions PM me in the game or VM me on here. If you have anything you think i may want and see a player or two that you would like for them then feel free to contact me aswell. Would love to get some deals done :)

If Pedro is talented :o what can I say about Hazard?

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Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread

If Pedro is talented :o what can I say about Hazard?

Pedro is talented. You don't play at Barcelona if you are not. Who knows Hazard may not be all that people think he is when he leaves French football. Pedro on the other hand is playing for, arguably, the best team in the world. So yes i would say he is talented.

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Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread

The offer for Thierry HENRY of New York RB from West Ham United has been accepted. The transfer will be completed within the next 24 hours.

Only 7 million for the legend that is. Needed a couple of backup strikers and Henry certainly fits that bill. Hopefully he can be an impact sub :P

Also, does anyone have an 89+ gk that they would be willing to sell for Circi (88,gk) and something else?

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Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread

West Ham have managed to get Paul Scholes for £7.5 million. I would expect to pay at least this for him in an internal deal so am very happy with this :)

I should get at least two SM season's with him at 90 and then i get the 4 million he is worth back aswell.

Also, unsettled Chelsea defender David Luiz moved to Millwall for unsettled Juventus winger Milos Krasic. I get a few million, a rating higher and a position that i really needed for him so i am veryy happy with this aswell :)

Still looking to sell Sami Khedira and Pedro, deals with defenders in will be prioritised :)

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Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread

Another season another bad one for Manchester City.

Been in charge for now 30 games can not beleave it has been that long, well next season will be my first from the start with the squad and I am looking to make a impact.

I am looking for deals on some of my top names and you will have till the start of the season too get the deals in as want a full squad too play with next time around.

GK - Reina - The Spanish number three and Liverpool number one is rated 93 and I am looking for two players for him.

LB - Spyropoulos - The Greek 88 can leave, we have signed one of my ex players at Fulham in the form of Spanish 89 Capdevila too back up Angel so he can leave for cash, I am looking for 5-7M

CB - Rami - Not in the rush too sell the 91 rated center back. I have had a number of deals for him too leave this summer, but with the brake now here I have had a long think on a number of offers the best from West Ham but feel there may not be a deal for the Valencia star.

CB - Alves - The Portugal center half is one of the best, he has played 14 games and was one of my first signings when I took over. The 91 can leave but again feel not in a rush too sell will see what comes up.

RM - Navas - The Spanish winger who can also play on the right is rated 92 some of the offers that have came in have been shocking will not be selling for a 88 and cash so please no time wasting he can leave for a new RM and another player.

CM - Lampard - One of the stand out players again with Chelsea, he yes dropped too 93 but I am ready too let leave for a 90+ CM who is younger just offer 1-1 deal not many big names can be signed as cheap.

CM - Cambiasso - The Inter Milan DM who can also play CM is rated 94 again can leave on the cheap as looking for the long term, he is a safe 93/4 for the next 2/3 SM seasons and could do better.

CM/Def - Vidal - NOT FOR SALE - REASON: Had a shocking offer over PM the manager will not be named but then sent some real nice messages too me saying all kinds of things, realy made my new year. And just because your a forum again ill say this one more time dose it look like I am going anywere any time soon.

Wing - Ryes - The Spanish winger who can also play up top is one of the best around. He is rated 89 but can easy hit 90 looking for cash before next season or will be in my cup team.

FWD/Wing - Robinho - The Brazil 93 can leave but again yes had PM's but will only leave for a offer I can be happy with.

CF - Toquero - Can also play AM is rated 88 and is aged 27 again can leave for cash and the Spanish star has it in him too be a 89 but his Lev is going up and will only leave for cash at a later time.


I have a number of players who will be free to loan next season, I am looking for one or two feeded clubs, you will get first chose on loans who will be rated 88/89/90 and also will get cash for players. You will get the option for any players who are going to leave for cash for CMV so this is a win win for any team. So PM me this is for the lower league teams sorry Div 2 but you will end up in the same league as me quicker.

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Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread

Don't interest me' date=' when I have a younger and better Andre Santos :P

I'm preferebly looking for 90+ players :D[/quote']

my bad - I thought when you said you wanted 89 + rated players for cash and I offered you an 89 for cash that you were looking for 89 rated and upwards players for cash.


In other news I'm looking for 70+ rated players for cash, and by 70+ i mean 90:D

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Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread

Signed David Luiz for Krasic plus a bit of cash, not a bad deal considering they are both unhappy at their current clubs and Krasic is older plus defenders seem to be a whole lot harder to sign in this setup.

Still want to get rid of of a few players before the start of the season, mainly:

Dzsudszak (90)

Sane (87)

Behrami (88)

Looking for a winger and a defender or winger, the younger the better and rated 87 plus.


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Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread

Bristol Rovers hav annoucce the availability of cameron jerome..after the manager decide he is nt part of his plan for the new season.yea he wont be needed for the the new season we ar looking to get a good rated centre back 90 rated preciesly.u can also pm me....

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Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread


Doncaster's new star player, Leighton Baines. Delighted to get him at the club after trying and failing to get him whilst at City. Nagatomo, Djaniny and £7m will head to Charlton, maybe a bit much and could leave me short in some areas but Baines is my favourite player so I don't really care about the price played.

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