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Who will be better...


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Samir Nasri - AM/LM -92 - ??

Emmanuel Adebayor - CF - 93 - ??

Ronaldinho - Fwd/AM - 94 - ??

Carlos Tevez - Fwd/AM - 93 - ??

I play 4-2-2-2.

My two attacking midfielders are Kaka(97) and VDV(93), but i also have Galleti(90) and Perotti(89 After the changes).

My two strikers are Henry(95) and Mutu(94), i also have Inzaghi(90), Nihat(88).

Nasri/Adebayor/Ronaldinho/Tevez are all at unmanaged clubs.

Nasri would replace VDV in the future, but not immediatly.

I have heard Mutu will go down and so will Henry so i would like Ronaldinhi/Adebayor/Tevez too though.

My question is...

What are the future ratings for these players (Mutu,Henry,VDV,Kaka,Ronaldinho)

Would you choose Nasri to fill the boots of VDV.


Would you choose Ronaldinho/Tevez/Adebayor to fill the boots of Mutu/Henry.

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Re: Who will be better...

Tevez/Ade aren't going to rise immediately, you'll have to wait for them to enter the Champs League.

You certainly want to dump Inzaghi and Nihat as they have no chance of re-rising due to age/other conditions. Any younger 89 striker would make sense long-term.

Mutu -- 92

Henry -- 93

VDV -- 92/91 (although he just earned a starting spot it seemed before getting hurt, shame)

Kaka -- 96/97, I just don't find him as effective for club anymore.

Dinho -- 92/93, playing brilliantly lately but might be too late to stave off a decent drop.

I would actually go with Adebayor to replace Mutu/Henry, as I think VDV can rebound his career, whereas Mutu/Henry are both on their way down and probably won't be at their current clubs for much longer. Also, I'd consider adding a striker as your backups are not adequate in case of an injury.

All things considered you can't really make a bad choice here, Nasri is a very good young player as well.

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