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Bradford City Appoint Rudd


I have decided that a challenge is exactly what i need to keep myself as interested in SM as i am now. I have decided to become the manager of Bradford City in EC 2714.

The Game World is in the 3rd season on the 33rd turn. Bradford City are sitting in 15th place in the fourth division, with just six games to go. There is no chance of promotion. The squad is worth a measly 12.5 million, but have a nice balance of 19.4 million. The squad has an average rating of 72 and an average age of 26.

The star players are Shola Ameobi, and Franco Arizala. They have been consistent performers for Bradford City over the three season they have been there. Both will probably end up getting sold, but for now, they will make up my forward line.

Basically, the entire team is getting sold, and replaced with new up and coming players. Most of the new players will be players out of section 8 teams (Italy, Portugal and Spain). They will hopefully rise, and then moved on to get risers from the next section.

I don't understand why people complain about there being a lack of talent. I have found quite a few players who are either up for big rises, or are really well known players, just sitting at external or unmanaged teams. I admit, i am not big on scouting. In Australia, it is hard to watch much soccer unless you have foxtel (cable) which i do not have. Instead i looked at the forum, and found lots of promising youngsters, and have bid for them.

I will post transfer news, match reports and anything else relative to Bradford City in EC 2714. Please do not post in this thread as it is a blog, and i would like to keep it tidy.

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Re: Bradford City Blog

Rudd loses first game in charge

Although Bradford City lost their first game under Rudd 1-0, he has not failed to impress. An unmanaged Rotherham United, beat Bradford City who were down to 10 men after just 19 minutes. Tom Pope pushed the advantage just 5 minutes after Arana Oscar de Marcos was shown a straight red after head butting an opponent (:mad:). This game however, is where Bradford's troubles for the week end.

Rudd has been extremely active in the transfer market this week, signing no less than 14 players, with a couple more expected to come. He has even managed to sign some big names. The list of players brought in to Bradford City this week is:

  • Macedo Michel for 425k
  • Davide Astori for 1.2 Million plus M. Bower
  • Yevhen Khacheridi for 550k
  • Mate Dugandzic for K. Nix
  • Buigues Xavi Torres for 600k
  • Ezequiel Matias Schelotto for 600k
  • Marco D'Alessandro for 325k
  • Jonathan Rossini for 700k plus W. Topp and S. Ainge
  • Francesco Signori for 850k plus R. Boulding
  • Diniz Paixao Marcus Plinio for 475k and M. Clarke
  • Angel Di Maria for 7.2 Million plus S. Ameobi
  • Joaquin Boghossian for 750k plus J. Lee and P. Mclaren
  • Aguera Ander Herrera for 40k plus D. Furman and T. Clarke
  • Arana Oscar de Marcos for 700k plus O. Daly and G. Lee

Angel Di Maria is a huge signing for a small club like Bradford City. Coming in from Benfica, he will automatically walk straight into the first side. Rudd has said he is very pleased with the players he has brought in but has said that there are more expected to come in in the next few days.


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Re: Bradford City Blog

Rudd's first win

Bradford City's 4-1 win over Grimsby Town this week has showed fans that Rudd is the man for the job. That, along with the signing of Romelu Lukaku for 5.1 million pounds. Also this week Bradford had an exciting draw with Gillingham, which included a goal for both teams in the 88th minute. Although promotion is impossible this year, Bradford City look to be a dangerous opponent for next year.


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