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Diego Maradona Graphics Thread


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Re: Diego Maradona Graphics Thread

Hey' date='

Can you make a sig of my MK DONS.

Can it have a pic of John fleck and Jackson Martinez on it next to the MK DONS logo..

Anything really that has the 2 players on and MK DONS - 5579 :o

Thanks :)[/quote']

Oh, just noticed this, sorry for not having it done already. Will get back to you soon, probably tomorrow....


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Re: Diego Maradona Graphics Thread

Hi are you still doing requests? If so could I have an Exeter City sig with Chris Martin (Norwich) on it please. Can you also put "The Tribes" on it please?

If you don't have enough time it is no problem.

Thanks in advance

Will try to do it next week or possibly this weekend.


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Re: Diego Maradona Graphics Thread

Hey mate..

Im a big fan of your work ..hence the avatar.

Is it possible for you to make a sig with the team Glentoran on and a pic of Macheda cellebrating or something..if your not busy

Anything that looks cool with them both would be sweet.

You can sign it if you want..


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