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Ukraine and russia rating predictions 70-75


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70-75 summer ratings (section 1)

This is my first ratings thread so bare with me.

sorry if any of these have already been mentioned.



Vadim RYBALCHENKO- 73 ---> 76

Serhiy PIVNENKO- 75 ---> 78

Alexander KOBAKHIDZE- 75 ---> 79

Yevhen TARASENKO- 75 ---> 78+

Vasyl PRYIMA- 74 ---> 79

Vadym SAPAI- 75 ---> 78

Yevhen OPANASENKO- 74 --->78

Serhiy FERENCHAK- 75 --->78

Igor Tyshchenko- 75 --->80

Roman Bezus- 75 --->80/81



Alexey POMERKO- 74 --->77

Kamil AGALAROV- 74 --->78

Magomed MAGOMEDOV- 75 --->79

Sekou OLISEH- 70 --->74

Viktor SVEZHOV-75 --->77

Aleksandr MARENICH- 67 --->75

Ivan LAPIN- 70 --->72

Stanislav KHOTEEV- 75 --->76+

Astemir SHERIEV- 75 --->79

Aleksandr SAPETA- 74 --->79

Zaur SADAEV- 75 --->79

Rizvan UTSIEV- 75 --->77

Nika Piliev- 75 --->78

Astemir Sheriyev 75 ---> 80

This is my first ever rating thread so im sorry if some of the ratings are wrong. If theres any person who you think i should add i will do it.also im well aware its not upto other rating threads but hoefully ill get better.

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Re: Ukraine and russia rating predictions 70-75

hes played 4 international games but my scouting website says he hasnt played for zemun as of yet so if thats the case no rise as i dont think international appearences count.

Thanks' date='I dont even know why I bought him,read some where he was going to rise[/b']

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Re: Ukraine and russia rating predictions 70-75

ZAVAROV' date=' Valeriy aged 21.

He plays for Arsenal Kyiv, do you have any idea how high he will rise??[/quote']

hes 73 and made 6 apperences but they only amount to 43 minutes. but made 12 appearences last season and which added up to 127 minutes so should be in for a +3

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