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Match reports and statistics


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My team's last match has this statistic:

total shots - 6

shots on goal - 2

Here is what the match commentary reads like (just my team's actions):


1: Stuart TAYLOR parries away the drive

2: A weak shot is smothered by Stuart TAYLOR

3: One of the best chances of the half goes begging as Alexandre CUVILLIER fails to follow up on the rebound

19: A low cross is lashed into the box but Bruno EDGAR fails to control it

24: A tame 15-yard shot hardly troubles Stuart TAYLOR

30: Alexandre CUVILLIER places a right foot shot wide from twenty yards out

34: Alexandre CUVILLIER heads onto the roof of the goal

35: An excellent strike is tipped over the bar by Stuart TAYLOR

42: Brito RICARDO LEON comes within inches of scoring, getting on the edge of a fine cross, glancing his free header just wide

44: Carlos CALVO finds himself in plenty of space as he rushes his shot into the arms of the keeper

47: Bruno EDGAR finds himself in space but blasts wide

48: The ball is collected on the edge of the box by Brito RICARDO LEON who slices his shot wide

49: A reaction block by Stuart TAYLOR prevents the goal

50: A snapshot falls easily into the arms of Stuart TAYLOR

51: GOAL!! - A brilliant long range shot is blocked by the keeper only for Téofilo GUTIERREZ to finish! What a poachers goal!

52: A cross from the byline by Alberto CARLOS SANCHEZ goes out of play

57: Stuart TAYLOR makes an easy save with both hands!

59: Somehow an easy tap-in from Bruno EDGAR goes wide

60: A weak shot held no difficulty for Stuart TAYLOR

61: A spectacular overhead kick by Brito RICARDO LEON flies wide of the mark

73: GOAL!! - Alberto CARLOS SANCHEZ climbs over the defender and heads into the corner of the net!

Full Time

6 total shots, 2 on goal? Its nice to have these statistics features but why have them if they are so plainly wrong?

Its not really urgent to fix this but maybe if it doesn't take much work it would be nice to get better statistics.

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Re: Match reports and statistics

it would help a great amount because it can be confusing. It can also be unrealistic. My last match was Arsenal 1-2 Liverpool. I was losing after 82nd minute, 83rd minute I drew level and 88th minute i lost. Also, i had 19 shots and only 3 on target. I think it is time for an ultra realistic system

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