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Re: DutchEredivisieRatings

Starting with my favourite team AJAX AMSTERDAM

GK---Maarten Stekelenburg----------27-90------/+-0/ Doing very well at the squad always number 1 GK in starting 11 in contrast with last year under Marco van Basten. I think deserves a 91 but SM will not do that in my opinion.

GK---Kenneth Vermeer--------------24-85-------/+-0/ Promising keeper behind Maarten Stekelenburg. If Stekelenburg leaves ajax has his replacement already with Vermeer. Actually to good to be a stand in. Today Started against Az Alkmaar (1-0) Keeped the clean sheet.

Gk---Jeroen Verhoeven------------29-79-------/+-0/ 2nd Back up no more no less.



LB---Thimothee Atouba-----27-87-----/-1/ Played 1 eredivisie match in the beginning of the season is now injured. Transferfree from HSV don't think this lad is gonna make it. Anita plays now on his position

LB/CB-Christian Supusepa--21-75-------/+-0/Plays his games in Ajax'2nd team and often is in that team a benchkisser. An unknown player with in my opinion no Ajax 1 future.

RB/CB-Gregory van der Wiel--21-88----/+1/+-0/--Regular in the starting 11 of both Ajax and Holland squad. Promising youngster already linked with Manchester City. Only 21 and in my opinion deserves the +1.

RB--George Ogararu---29-86----/-1/--No future at Ajax. Hopefully he leaves the club this transfer period. Played no games in Eredivisie.

CB--Rob Wielaert----31-88----/-1/--Lost his place after the classic Psv-Ajax(4-3) after that match didn't play for Ajax1. Linked with moves to Hollands subtop clubs.

CB/RB-Presas Oleguer---29-87-----/+-0/--Same story as Wielaert but played in the dutch cup and 1 match in the eredisie. You can say he deserves a -1 but i think SM will hold it at 87.

CB/RB-Toby Alderweireld---20-85------/+2/--For sure a guy with talents and a certainty in Jol's starting 11. But he has to work at his defensive skills sometimes a but sloppy buth for sure a +2 and little chance at +3 right now.

DEF/DM-Jan Vertonghen---22-88-----/+1/Actually same as Toby Alderweireld but is 2 years older than Toby and you can see that in the games in my opinion a +1 but i thought that also last rating changes but i think Sm will keep it at 88.

LM/LB-Urby Emanuelson---23-89----/+-0/ Very Solid 89.Positional change to LM/W.

CM/RM-Demy de Zeeuw---26-90----/+-0 Ajax missing link comparing with last season. Ajax bought him from AZ. Certainty at ajax but at the holland squad he has to fight for it with for sure heavy competition with hollands top midfielders.

CM/AM-Ismael Aissati---21-87----/+-0/Plays a lot at Ajax but can't convince me. I saw him a few years ago playing for Psv in the champions league and i thought Waaauw. But at Ajax he is invisible. Think a stay is good for him maybe if you look at the stats SM will raise him by 1 to 88.Positional chane to CM/LM.

CM/RM-Garcia Gabri---30-87----/+-0/Injured and gets more and more competition on his spot. right now a stay is the best option but i think that he will lose his place.

CM/DM-Eyong Enoh...23-86....../+2/+1/-Plays a lot at ajax. They took him from the satelite club Ajax Cape Town. This season surprisingly consistent. Right now at Africa Cup with Cameroon. He has to fight for a place in the starting 11 of Cameroon.

CM--Siem de Jong---20-86----/+-0/ Overall seen a gifted player. He is a victim of the fierce competition at the CM position. Think a very good player but is not gonna make it at AJax. But maybe im wrong he is only 20 year so we''ll have to see what he will do.

DM/CM-Rasmus Lindgren----25-87----/-1/--The Joker of the team. In the first half of the season didn't play a eredivisie match. Last 2 matches in the starting 11. What is it? Pure class since Januari? Or the Abscence of Enoh? think the last option.

DM/LB-Vurnon ANita----20-83------/+3/---The little man at the left flank of ajax. Although he is 1.63 he starts very often at the lb position and does this well. How good he is i don't know right now, is gifted but has to develop to become very very good. but right now a +3 is fair for him. Positional Change to LB/DM i think.

AM/RM-Mitchell DOnald---20-77----/+3/+4/---Sometimes gets some time at the pitch but same story as anita has to play more before i can see how good he really is(or how bad). But for now a rise for sure.

W/F--Dennis Rommedahl--31-87-----/+-0/---A useful player for ajax no more no less. Is at his end of his career but plays very decent at ajax. Think 87 is underrated for him and deserves the 88 like he had, but SM will not do that.

W---Kennedy Bakircioglu-----29-87---/+-0/---In my opinion a very very awful players he needs to go -4 but sm will let him stay at 87 because he sometimes makes some minutes. Hope he leaves ajax soon. Really not my cup of tea.

W/F--Marvin Zeegelaar---19-75---Plays mainly at ajax2----saw him a few times think he will make it one day at ajax1 but it is hard to tell right now. +-0

F----Luis Suarez-----23-90----Deserves the 91. Absolute **** that SM didn't let him rise last time. If you see the how important he is for ajax not only in the eredivisie but also in europe. Not only with his goals and assists but also his actions on the field. Number 1 starter for Uruguay. You can say what you want but the placed themselves for the WC. I really would like to invite everybody to watch the games ajax-juventus and juventus-ajax. Their you can see wath i mean against some very good defenders. In my opinion a +2 at least a +1 but SM will let him stay.

F/W---Miralem Sulejmani----21-88/-1/-----The wonderkid of 16.25 million euro's really can't catch his form. Hopefully he will do that soon but for this time a -1.

CF--Marko Pantelic----31-90----A gamble from Jol but a good gamble right now. Is doing better and better and will stay at 90 i think.


Loaned out:

Daley Blind---19-75---loaned out to FC Groningen a subtopper in Holland. Today his first match after The winterbreak. Direct in the starting 11. I think this lad will play a lot at groningen. And will end at the rating changes at a rating of 82/83. so a raise of 7 a 8.

Javier Martina--22-74--Went to Haarlem on loan at Holland's 2nd competition.

Maybe a small rise but this player has really no ajax1 future.

Dario Cvitanich--25-88---Back 2 south america on loan. I think a decent player but no more no less. think a -1.

Bruno Silva-----29-86---Also back to south america. No future at ajax what we saw in the first season half. Will leave ajax soon permanently.

Evander SNo----22-84---Not good enough for Ajax.How does he do it at bristol city?

Jeffrey Sarpong---21-82---Went to Nec Nijmegen on loan. Good player plays there his games think a rise to 84.Has Ajax Potential.

Darko Bodul----21-77----went to sparta. Plays very often but really doesn't score enough. a rise to 80/81. Think has an ajax future.

Jan-Arie van der Heijden-----21-75----Went to WIllem2. Plays a lot a rise to 80/79 i think. They alwas said that he will become a great one. Slowly needs to excel.


New Signing Nicolas Lodeiro 20-84? has to show what he is worth in holland. Some South American Experts who can tell me that?

Christian Eriksen this is the lad who made his debute against NAC Breda in the starting 11 last week. Only 17 years old. Is gonna be a worldstar. SNap him immediately when he comes on Database. Ajax had competition from Manchester united arsenal milan etc.

Ze EDuardo also a youngster with a lot of talents 18 years old but has to make his debute still for ajax.

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Re: DutchEredivisieRatings




GK-Andreas Isaksson------28-88--------/+1/----Last season he was shuttering in the goal but this season he really is a solid rock. He grabs points through individual skill, think he deserves the +1.

GK-Bas Roorda------------36-83-------/+-0/----Not playing 3rd choice this season a stay or a little drop.

GK-Cassio Ramos----------22-80------/+-0/Last season loaned out to Sparta Rotterdam. Did there ok. But he has a good isaksson in front of him. So we can expect a stay.


LB/CB-Carlos Salcido------29-89------/+-0/ Makes his minutes at the first squad not that impressive as a few years ago. Saw him driving today in his expensive white Audi. Think that that is the only way he impresses me. A stay or little chance of a -1.

LB-Erik Pieters--------21-87-------/+-0/--Plays almost every match at the LB position is doing well and i think he will rise soon. But 87 is good for him the upcomming ratings. Little chance of a +1 but i think he'll stay.One for the Future.

RB-Jan Kromkamp----29-87---------/-1/--Has had his years of glory at bigger teams. He appeared this season in 2 eredivisie matches.Really can't excell anymore. So the only thing SM can do is a -1.

RB/RM-Stanislav Manolev---24-86-------/+2/+1/--Improves more and more. Really became a solid starter in Psv's squad. Think he deserves a +2 but SM is a bit conservative considering the eredivisie. Don't think he becomes a really great one.

CB/RB-Dirk Marcellis-------21-88-------/-1/---In my previous rating reports i saw him as a huge talent. I was really surprised when Fred Rutten let him down on the bench. Is no regular for Psv anymore and so lost his place in the Holland squad. He will drop by one but i still see a good future for him, he's only 21 don't forget that.

CB-Maza Rodriguez------28-88-----/+-0/---Good defender nothing more, nothing less. Is a regular starter but i think 88 is fine for him. Little chance of a rise.

CB/RB-Andre Ooijer-------35-88-----/+-0/--Good gamble of Fred Rutten does his work and helps improving the younger defenders. So his social role is very important, at the pitch a 88 is good for him.

CB/DM-Jagos Vukovic------21-80-----/+-0/ Played one match and scored in one. Has to become more important in the team his rating is fine.

CB/DM-Funso Ojo---------18-75------/+2/+1/ One of Psv's growbrilliants. Has a great potential but doesn't play much a very small rise for him.


LM/W-Balasz Dszudszak-----23-89-----/+1/ Psv's best man this season. A lot of danger with his runs down the flank. This player has a lot of potential. Can move to a bigger club. Was linked to Real Madrid. Scored a lot of goals as winger this season. Think he deserves the 90 but i'll doubt it wether SM wil do this or not.

CM/DM-Orlando Engelaar------30-89----/+-0/---Experienced player at the midfield who does his work. 89 is fine for him.

DM/CB-Timmy Simons---------33-89-----/-1/--he slowly loses his place at the starting spot. Is just like Ooijer important for the younger players. But i think he will drop by 1 maybe a stay. Positional change to CB/DM.

DM-Stijn Wuytens------------20-83-----/+-0/--Appeared in 3 matches this season in the eredivisie. He has the ability to make it at a starter in psv1. For this time a stay is fine.

AM/CM-Ibrahim Afellay---------23-90----/+-0/--Together with Dszudszak the most dangerous man in the squad. It's time for him to move to a bigger club. In my opinion he deserves the +1 but when i saw that suarez didn't get the 91 afellay will also not get it.

AM/CM-Otman Bakkal----------24-88-----/+1/--Doing well after a period of invinsibilty. Scored his goals and let others score a +1 for him.


F-Danko Lazovic----------26-89-----/+-0/---Doing is work. Does it a lot better than last season. but 89 is fine for him.

F/W-Ola Toivonen---------23-87----/+1/+2/---Last time really finds the net with beautiful goals. In my opinion straight to 89 but sm wil do it gradually with a stop at 88 in the next ratings.

F/W-Nordin Amrabat------22-86-----/+-0/---Gets his minutes but is the victim of the good form of the attacking starters. A stay for him. But he will rise in the future.

F-Jonathan Reis---20-80-----Has problems with drugs lost his contract at psv. Did very well but is no longer a psv player.

CF-Danny Koevermans-----31-89----/+-0/--Had some troubles with injuries but is back on track with his goals a stay for him.


Loaned out:

Mike Zonneveld(will discuss him at his club)

Genero Zeefuik---19-77--loaned out at fc dordrecht at hollands 2nd niveau a small rise for him +1/+2.

Stef Nijland(will discuss him at his club)

Reimond Manco(loaned out to a club in peru no idea how he is doing there)

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Re: DutchEredivisieRatings



GK-Sander Boschker---------39-87-------/+1/-------The guy really deserves his 88 at this point.

GK-Nikolaj Mihaylov----------21-80------/+1---------Had a few cupmatches for twente. The guy has good prospects if Boschker stops.

GK-Cees Paauwe------------32-77-----/+-0/--------Doesn't play at all a stay or a little drop


LB/LM-Nicky Kuiper----------20-84-----/+-0/-------Does enough for his rating and maybe a +1. Also a guy with potential.

RB/RM-Ronny Stam----------25-87-----/+1/--------Good choice when he leaved Nac Breda, think 88 is also his limit.

RB/RM-Dwight Tiendalli-------24-85------/+1/-------Surprise of the season. Leaved Feyenoord didn't play there much gets his minutes at twente who are 2nd in the dutch tables. Positional change to RM/RB maybe.

CB-Franco Douglas----------22-88------/+-0/-------Picked him up at a club at the brazilian 3rd level. He's one of the most gifted players with the largest potential of twente. Definitely a good buy. Think he will stay these changes but maybe a +1.

CB-Peter Wisgerhof---------30-87------/+-0/--------Solid, a stay.

CB/LB-Slobodan Rajkovic----20-85-------/+-0/-------Can't deal with the high expectations last months think a stay.

LM/LB-David Carney--------26-80--------/+2/-------7 appearences in eredivisie and some league games enough for a +2.


CM/DM-Wout Brama--------23-87-------/+1/--------Doing nice! Tries to get a place in the holland squad for the upcomming WC. Think a good player but not as good like Nigel de Jong for example.

CM/LM-Theo Janssen-------28-87--------/+-0/----At the pitch he deserves a +1, but was driving with alcohol. Received a 2months ban from the club.

CM/AM-Nashat Akram------25-84--------/+1/+2/---Last years asian footballer of the year. Grabs his minutes think a +1.

DM/CM-Cheik Tiote---------23-86------/+-0/------In my eyes the first Midfield backup. Not that important for the team a stay or little chance of +1.

AM/W-Kenneth Perez-------35-89------/+-0/------The years are counting for this man but he still performs quite good. A stay.

AM/W-Perparim Hetemaj---23-80-------Simply a stay. Maybe more chances if perez looses his flow. Only 30 minutes in a cupmatch against amateurs.

AM/W-Dario Vujicevic-----19-77--------/+5/+6/Think this guy is slowly going to be important for the team.

AM/F-Andrej Rendla-------19-77--------Appeared in 1 Competition and 1 cupmatch for a few minutes a stay or a +1.


W/F-Bryan Ruiz------------24-88--------TOP BUY for twente and maybe for you 2;). On his way to the (sub)top 13 goals. a definite +1.

W/F-Miroslav Stoch--------20-84--------+3Also doing really great. The chelsea youngster(loan). Really think he deserves the +3.

F/AM-Bernard Parker-------23-85--------/+-0/--A stay for him, some minutes in europe,competition and cup. maybe even a +1.

F-Luis Wellington-----------21-83---------Same as Parker except in europe.

F/W-Ransford Osei---------21-80---------No minutes no rise. think a stay.

F-Vagiv Dzavadov----------20-79---------Twente's winter transferwidow buy.stay.

F-Luuk de Jong-------------19-78---------A few minutes in competition, cup and europe. think a +2/+1.But a guy with a huge potential.

F-Flamur Kastrati-----------18-73----------No minutes no chance no change!

CF-Blaise Nkufo------------34-89----------Clubicon with his own statue!Enjoy him for his last half year at the club. Scored more in the past but 8 goals right now is a definite stay for him.

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Re: DutchEredivisieRatings

GK-Rob van Dijk------------41-86---------+1------Played a lot and did it well think our 41years old man get's a rise.

GK-Erwin Mulder-----------20-78---------/+-0/----Appeared in one eredivisie match, the man will stay.

GK-Ramon Darley----------20-75---------/+3/+2/---This man wil soon be the first keeper. Had some troubles with injuries this season.A small rise.

LB/DM-Van Bronckhorst----34-90---------/+-0/----Teamcaptain does his work. Leads the defence. A stay for him at this point.

LB-Tim de Cler------------31-87---------/-1/-----2nd choice lb after van bronckhorst think he will drop 1 again or maybe a stay.

RB/RM-Dani Fernandez-----27-85--------/+-0/---Also had some trouble with injuries. The last buy of feyenoord wil be playing soon and i think at this moment a stay is fine.

RB/LB-Kelvin Leerdam------19-82--------/+3/+2/--One of feyenoord's promising youngsters plays a lot a rise for him.

CB-Andre Bahia-----------26-87---------/+1/----Does his work appeares every match a small rise for him, but that i think will be his limit.

CB-Kevin Hofland-----------30-86-------/+-0/---No first choice in contrary to last season a stay or maybe a -1.

CB-Ron Vlaar---------------24-86-------/+1/+2/--Feyenoord's best defender.Back from struggling with injuries. A gifted player there really is an opportunity to raise him by 2.

CB-Ignjatovic---------------21-80--------/+-0/--May leave the club. a stay or a drop for him.

CM/AM-Jonathan de Guzman--22-89-------/+-0/--One of feyenoord's best man on the pitch. Has a contract for a half year. Will leave the club this transferwidow or the next transferfree. Also had to cope with injuries but a drop would be harsh. Linked to Valencia and Manchester City.

CM/RM-Denny Landzaat------33-87--------/+-0/--Direction say he may leave the club, but gets his minutes in the squad. Scored a beautiful goal against ajax. A stay.

CM/RM-Karim el Ahmadi------24-87---------/+-0/--Not good not bad. Makes his minutes also a stay.

CM-Leroy Fer---------------20-86---------/+2/+1/--Feyenoords best performing man in my eyes. Not so in the spotlights like Wijnaldum but very very impressive a definite rise.

CM/AM-Georginio WIjnaldum--19-86---------/+1/---Not that impressive like last season but good enough for a small rise.

AM/W-Luigi Bruins----------22-86-----------/+-0/--Gonna be an eternal talent, he can't convince a stay. May leave the club.

AM/LM-Stefan Babovic------23-84----------/+-0/--A few minutes maybe a +1.

W/F-Andwele Slory---------26-87-----------/+-0/--A few goals, not playing every match.

W/F-Diego Biseswar-------------21-86----------/+-0/--A lot of minutes but no goals think a stay is fine.

F/AM-Jon Dahl Tomasson-------33-88-----------/+1/---Feyenoord's topscorer, let others score in my eyes a definite +1.

F-Roy Makaay-----------------34-88-----------/+-0/-1/--Losing his instinct a -1 for him.

F-Sekou Cisse-----------------24-86-----------/+1/----Gifted attacker scored a few goals, but it is his first season at feyenoord. a +1.

CF-Luc Casnos------------17-74-----------/+-0/---Shortlist or buy this man he really will get a very good rise soon. Feyenoord's greatest talent.Appeared 18 minutes in the dutch cup.


To be added on DB:

De Vrij appeared already in 5 eredivisie and 1 (cup)match(es)

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Re: DutchEredivisieRatings

LM/LB-David Carney--------26-80--------/+2/-------7 appearences in eredivisie and some league games enough for a +2.

7 sub appearances totalling 75 minutes. He won't get a rise for that.

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Re: DutchEredivisieRatings



GK-Michel Vorm----------------/26-87/--------/+-0/

GK-Wesley de Ruiter-----------/24-82/--------/+-0/

GK-Khalid Sinouh--------------/34-82/--------/+-0/


LB/LM-Nana Asare------------/23-85/---------/+-0/+1/

LB-Mihai Nesu----------------/26-85/---------/+-0/

LB/LM-Jacob Lensky----------/21-80/--------/+3/+4

RB-Tim Cornelisse------------/31-86/---------/+-0/-1/

RB-Mark van der Maarel-------/20-75/-------/+4/+5/

RB-Gevero Markiet------------/18-70/---------/+-0/

CB-Francis Dickoh------------/27-86/---------/-1/

CB-Alje Schut----------------/28-85/---------/-1/

CB/DM-Jan Wuytens----------/24-85/---------/+1/

CB/RB-Sander Keller----------/30-85/----------/+-0/

CB-Mike van der Kooy--------/20-76/----------/+-0/


LM/CM-Hans Somers---------/31-82/----------/-1/-2/

LM/W-Ingmar Maayen--------/21-70/----------/+-0/

RM/CM-Mikael Silberbauer-----/28-87/----------/+-0/

RM/CM-Barry Maguire---------/20-82/----------/+-0/

CM/DM-Gregoor van Dijk------/28-86/----------/-1/+-0/

CM/LM-Gianluca Nijholt-------/19-75/--------/+7/+8/

AM/W-Dries Mertens---------/22-83/--------/+3/


F-Ricky van Wolfswinkel------/21-85/--------/+-0/

F/AM-Kevin Vandenbergh-----/26-84/--------/+-0/-1/

F/W-Leroy George-----------/22-84/---------/-1/+-0/

F/W-Loic Loval--------------/28-84/---------/+1/+-0/

F-Randy Wolters-------------/19-76/--------/+-0/

F-Rafael Uiterloo-------------/19-74/--------/+-0/

F-Nick de Jong---------------/20-74/--------/+-0/

F-Erixon Danso---------------/20-72/--------/+2/+3/

CF-Frank van der Zwan-------/21-74/--------/+-0/


To be added:

Vorstermans (1 dutch cup appearance)

Van Mierlo (1 Eredivisie appearance)

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Re: DutchEredivisieRatings



GK-Martin Pieckenhagen-------38-83--------/+1/

GK-Jorg van Nieuwenhuijzen---31-75--------/+-0/


LB-Mark Looms----------------28-83--------/+1/

LB/LM-Gaby Jallo--------------21-74--------/+1/+2/

RB/RM-Resit Schuurman-------31-82--------/-1/

RB/RM-Tim Breukers-----------22-82--------/+3/+2/

RB-Denis Magnafic------------20-73---------/+-0/

CB/LB-Antoine van der Linden-33-85---------/+-0/

CB-Birger Maertens------------29-84--------/+1/+-0/

CB-Peter Reekers--------------28-79--------/+-0/

CB/DM-Olivier ter Horst--------20-74--------/+2/+1


RM/CM-Kwame Quansah-------28-83--------/+1/+2/

CM/LM-Mark-jan Fledderus-----27-83--------/+1/+2/

CM-Marko Venjinovic----------20-75--------/+5/+6/

CM-Qays Shayesteh----------21-73--------/+1/+-0/

CM-Elias Pech----------------21-70--------/+-0/

AM/W-Willy Overtoom---------23-82--------/+2/


AM/F-Andrew Ornoch---------24-77---------/+-0/

W/F-Juha Hakola-------------22-82---------/+2/

W/F-Darl Douglas-------------30-82---------/+2/

W/F-Paddy John--------------19-72---------/+-0/

F-Ramos Everton-------------26-83---------/+2/

F/W-Sebastiaan Steur--------25-78---------/+2/

CF-Bas Dost-----------------20-82---------/+2/+3/

CF-Vojtich Schulmeister------26-82---------/+1/+-0/

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Re: Respuesta: DutchEredivisieRatings

CM/LM-Gianluca Nijholt-------/19-75/--------/+8/+7/ ??

Are really sure? Because if this is true i will buy him...

Well The dutch ratings are far away.

He starts almost every match. Utrecht is doing very well this season. Nijholt is for sure a riser i can guarantee a +6 but i think he will go up by +8/+7.

When his situation changes i will report that in this thread

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Re: DutchEredivisieRatings

I started an Eredevisie thread last year in november, and I made it waaaaaaaay too early, the Eredivisie doesn't get reviewed over the summer, Summer rating changes are next after Portugal, Italy and Spain, and then Netherlands is 4th in Main rating changes, so still a VERY long way to go.

My Eredivisie thread has been started, only Ajax done, but I will be starting it up again in the coming 2 months or so. If I was you, I would wait the same amount of time.


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Re: DutchEredivisieRatings

Thanks for your reaction!.

Think it's maybe a bit to early, i will continue this thread a few moments later.

I will update then the teams i've done and will add/replace the players.

I will one of these days post a reply with players rated in the 70's that will rise.

There are yet some players that definitely will rise.

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Re: DutchEredivisieRatings

Last year the ratings where at the end of march and at the end of october so think this year will be the same.

If only that were the case Ruud.

The problem is the ratings cycle now takes 8/9 months to complete.

I'm not trying to advertise but I have a thread going regarding review dates.

I''ll be updating it once we know where SM are going after completing Italy's review.


As i say in the thread & have said elsewhere too, the entire ratings schedule needs to be reviewed!

Anyway, please understand i wasn't trying to knock what you were doing.

I put a lot of store in what you have to say about the Eredivisie. :)

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Re: DutchEredivisieRatings


CM--Siem de Jong---20-86----/+-0/ Overall seen a gifted player. He is a victim of the fierce competition at the CM position. Think a very good player but is not gonna make it at AJax. But maybe im wrong he is only 20 year so we''ll have to see what he will do

do you still see him as not rising, watched Ajax game yesterday and he scored 2 goals befor being subbed, played well. Has had started 7 games this season in league and came on as a sub another 6. Scored 4 league goals aswell. I have bid for him at external club offering Mobido DIAKITE,Craig THOMSON and 1.2million for swap. Is this a good deal then?? I was rather hoping with his game time he would rise 1 with slight chance of 2 if he keeps appearing before next rating review

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Re: DutchEredivisieRatings

I'm surprised he's only had 2 sub appearances so far for Ajax. Somehow I expected him to walk into the starting lineup' date=' although maybe that was a little unrealistic given his relative inexperience.[/quote']

Even stranger was leaving him on the bench when they were losing at home to Juventus. As you say, perhaps the lack of experience and not wanting to rush him are the reasons?


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Re: DutchEredivisieRatings

Hi' date=' wat abt Tim Sparv of FC Groningen?

Thanks. :D[/quote']

Just joined. Not featured in the first team yet.

Getting some minutes and games and performances under his belt will see him rise nicely if he does.

Talented player from what i've seen of him for Finland in a couple of tournaments.

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