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Number of new game worlds


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Re: Number of new game worlds

I beleive SM have made a decision to reduce the number they were creating themselves. Not sure of the exact reasons why, but it may be that demand for new gameworlds was reducing (less emmbers joining when they were opening) or perhaps they were listening to the growing number of the community's voices who felt that creating new gameworlds so often wasresulting in members leaving older gameworlds bare thus ruining the experience of others. Another possibility may be that SM have temporarily ceased creating their own new gamewrolds due tothe ongoing work behind the scenes which has had an effect on some aspects of SM (time of results etc). Creating more gameworlds at this time thus further flooding the system would not be wise.

Currently it appears that gameworlds being created are those which have been purchased by other members. You can still see which ones are being created and when by accessing the reserve a club feature in the SM shop (no obligation to reserve, but you can preview upcoming gameworlds). I suspect its a temporary reduction in gameworld creation rather than a permanent one :)

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