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Re: players to buy

I personallly, cannot see Luis Fabiano getting any higher than a 93 while he is still at Sevilla. Hes led the line for Brazil, scored goals in La Liga and in Europe. Yet he still hasnt got a rise, which i find shocking!

I think Arshavin has peaked at 94, and will stay that way for the next couple of years.

Jesus Navas, again like Luis Fabiano, will not go any higher than a 92 (which i think is justified) while still at Sevilla.

Ribery is a world class player, so you cannot go wrong with him. He wont drop anytime soon. Other than the main 2 wide men in Europe, Messi & Ronaldo. If it wasnt for those 2, Ribery would be held in a much higher regard in the footballing world.

Van Persie could potentially rise to a 94, on a par with Arshavin. But, injury always is his downfall. So although he can rise to a 94, and has the ability to be a 94, i cannot see it happening.

For me, it would be Ribery or Arshavin. 2 Playmakers who will be amongst the worlds top 20 footballers for a few years yet. :)

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