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Best/Worst Flags in the World


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Re: Best/Worst Flags in the World

The flag of St. Lucia could go either way:


I'd say one of the best :D

Hm. Interesting. One of the places I'd want a sketchy division of my corporation to evade tax laws, and sure enough the emblem looks like it could easily be a corporate emblem. Ironic. :D

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Re: Best/Worst Flags in the World

100% against the worst flags part of the thread' date=' its going to be very very offensive to members from those countries, who some people deem a "worst flag".[/quote']

No it's not? I come from a country that has a rotten leaf as it's emblem.

Besides, maybe they can explain the significance of those.

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Re: Best/Worst Flags in the World


This is probably one of the worst flags I have ever seen.

To whoever created the flag:

Why the hell did you have to put a strip of carpet onto a flag? :confused:

It just looks stupid.

and the best flags:



Nuff said B)

How much better would they be with the middle stripe in the centre and the colours white and red. :)

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